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  1. kegtoe

    Post your infection

    Infected With Lacto
  2. kegtoe

    From extract to all grain and back?

    Tutsbrew, I agree. I'm doing the same thing. I have invested a good amount of time and money just assembling my all grain equipment and process. I too, like to learn more about all grain and adjusting recipes etc. However, I have a busy life working 60+ hours a week. I have twin 3 year old boys...
  3. kegtoe

    How to remove bung from Oberon mini keg

    Use more lube (dish soap). If it's on the top of hte keg may not be a big deal. but if you scratch the inside rim it might not be good. might decrease life of keg.
  4. kegtoe

    Blueberry Wheat Beer

    Most fruit is free of bacteria before frozen, thats why it can last so long. also, most organisms dont last very long at freezing temperatures. usualy beer doesnt have enough alcohol to combat infectious bateria. wines are a different story. there are plenty of beers that get contaminated...
  5. kegtoe

    Blueberry Wheat Beer

    i used blueberry extract once and the beer tasted like butt. when you say concnetrate are you talking about some frozen juice stuff, or the canned stuff? i think that canned stuff can get pretty expensive. some folks do what azscoob do, others skip the mashing process as freezing often disrupts...
  6. kegtoe

    IPA in a Bucket, Do I need a secondary?

    +1MM!! There really is no right or wrong, just different ways that may (or may not) lead to slightly different beers. I use buckets for secondaries all the time. Its probably not needed because i leave beer in a primary for 4-6 weeks, then secondary for up to a monht longer. I find a settle more...
  7. kegtoe

    Stock pot question and general nrmew brewer question

    you dont need a chiller. if you enjoy the hobby and spend any amount of time on this site at sometime you'll want to persue partial mashes or all grain. ( I never thought id go all grain but after 1.5 years and 25 extracts i got the all grain bug). If you can afford it get a big pot 7.5 to 10...
  8. kegtoe

    Less than 5 gallons...newbie question

    i wouldnt worry abolut it too much. You will have a great beer whether its 4.5 gals, 5 gals, or 5.5 gals. you will likely have a bit stronger beer maybe more malty at 4.5 - at 5.5 you would likely have a thinner less bodied beer with slightly lower alcohol maybe a bit dryer. Thats all the...
  9. kegtoe

    Star San disaster...

    i stand corrected :mug:
  10. kegtoe

    Star San disaster...

    i too have had issues with counter tops. i had a 5 gal bucket that had some on the bottom. when i pulled the bucket of the counter there was a perfect ringe were the bucket sat. 3 week old counters. my wife was pissed. luckily she got over it.
  11. kegtoe

    Star San disaster...

    you are using caustic, when you mean corrisive. Caustic is on one side of the pH scale and acids are on the other. I can post you MSDS sheets if you'd like. This thread is heading in the wrong direction fast.
  12. kegtoe

    Star San disaster...

    Star san is not caustic its acidic :rolleyes:
  13. kegtoe

    Star San disaster...

    if you have something that you put 1 ounce of into 5 gallons, and that diluted solution is strong enough to get your equipment sanitary enough for food storage - wouldnt you think the concentrated stuff is something you shouldnt mess around with??
  14. kegtoe

    should you chill beer before drop off for competition?

    i like to store my beer under refridgeration rather than at room temps. i think i get crisper, cleaner beers. So i reridgerate my beers for several weeks before sending into a compitition. My beers are already carbed through, as i fill my bottles from my kegerator. I think you are best to allow...
  15. kegtoe

    Post your infection

    looks like bacteria/mold to me. id rack the beer from the bottom sooner rater than later.
  16. kegtoe

    subscribe to a thread how?

    this is a good idea, how do you set up these folders?
  17. kegtoe

    subscribe to a thread how?

    there are several drop downs in the light brown banner above the thread (right above the #1 in this case). Under "Thread Tools", there is a "Subscribe To This Thread" option. It's convienent if you want to see the replies - you will get an email, or you can select "my replie" and it will shopw...
  18. kegtoe

    Ok my thermometer sucks

    i wouldnt worry too much with temps on specialty grains. especially if you are on the cool side. warmer than 150 may cause a lot off offf flavors. you are just trying to get some color and flavor from those grains. I dont use much LME anymore either. i like DME for it's storage, light color...
  19. kegtoe

    Dry Hopping with Leaf Hops in a Carboy

    hops float. and why would you put them in a bag in the carboy. never heard of that.
  20. kegtoe

    Straining Hops

    http://www.austinhomebrew.com/product_info.php?products_id=1058 http://store.homebrewheaven.com/jumbo-straining-bag-2-x-3-p469.aspx i buy from the first link, its cheaper and a HBT vendor