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  1. Nurmey

    Free beer bottles in Omaha

    My beer brewing buddy is needed to get rid of a few of cases of bottles from his stash. Anyone interested in picking them up, send me a PM.
  2. Nurmey

    Nurmey finally scores!

    After watching all you guys make your great equipment scores, I finally got one too! I was talking to our maintenance guy at work and told him I had seen a nice cooler in our warehouse that I wanted to buy. He said that it was spoken for but why didn't I take the Coke cooler that was in his...
  3. Nurmey

    Scrunchie, the brew Raccoon

    My story starts yesterday with Troy was going out to our shed. As he walks around the corner of the house he hears a squeal/cry that scares the crap out of him. There in my flower bed is a newborn raccoon crying and wiggling around. Hubby comes and gets me and we look around the yard. No Mommy...
  4. Nurmey

    Lessons learned

    This isn't really a drunken rambling but it is a funny story from my weekend adventures with our good friend, hubby, and me. Hope you enjoy it. As part of a well rounded philosophy of life, I believe that it is important to never close out a day without learning a lesson. Today I was...
  5. Nurmey

    New chiller question

    I'm sure I read somewhere on here that you should do something to a new copper chiller before you use it the first time. Boil it in water maybe? I'll be darned if I can find the thread I read that on (unless I was dreaming). I'm dying to try this out but I don't want to mess up a brew if...
  6. Nurmey

    Where to buy Fuggles

    A couple weeks ago, after lots of searching and with great excitement, I found and ordered Fuggles at www.homebrewery.com :ban:
  7. Nurmey

    What to make after Thanksgiving

    I have a few things I do with the leftovers but this one is my (and family's) favorites. Homemade noodles just like grandma used to make; thick and chewy. Stock cooked all day with the turkey carcass. Lots of carrots because I like it that way. :) It's soooo good and perfect for a cold...
  8. Nurmey

    Lime Beer???

    Okay guys this is my first post so be gentle. We, (me, DH, & best friend; collectively call Batch 1 Brewing), have a friend who drinks purchased lite beer of all things. :o The weird thing she does (besides drinking what she does) is put an entire lime into whatever swill for the masses she...