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  1. menschmaschine

    Mash-out and wort fermentability

    Does a direct-heat mash-out (taking about 10-15 min. on a 10-gallon batch to go from 150-something°F to 168°F) result in a slightly less fermentable wort (although with slightly higher efficiency) compared to a batch sparged no mash-out or a hot water infusion or decoction mash-out that doesn't...
  2. menschmaschine

    Unbreakable Pint Glasses

    Now how is one to defend himself against the lager louts? Article
  3. menschmaschine

    S-33 in a Bitter?

    Another recent thread mentioned S-33 and it got me wondering. Anyone tried it in an OB, SB, or ESB? Results? I never realized this is an English yeast strain. I always have an eye out for a good dry British yeast for Bitters. I've used Nottingham, Windsor, and S-04. They're all OK for...
  4. menschmaschine

    New brewery in southern Delaware- 16 Mile

    Even though I live in Bumcrack, DE, now I'm a 10 minute drive from 2 craft breweries! A new brewery is up and running in Georgetown called 16 Mile Brewing Company. They only have one beer out right now called Amber Sun Ale and I tried this a few weeks ago. I believe it's currently only...
  5. menschmaschine

    The consequence of idiot drivers

    Sorry, this is a long one... I was driving to work yesterday morning on a country road near home and someone coming in the opposite direction to me started to turn left, right in front of me... and then kept turning into me before I could do anything besides hit the horn and slam on my...
  6. menschmaschine

    Will it be a brew hut? (pics)

    I've been in the planning stages for a while now. I actually drew the plans 2 years ago! Got the building permit in the spring and finally had the slab poured a few weeks ago, started framing last weekend, and this is where I am now. It's going to be a 12'x7' storage shed on the left, a...
  7. menschmaschine

    Sugar displacing water

    It's been a while since I naturally carbed a batch and I don't see doing it anytime soon. Can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction?... How much water is displaced per "unit" of corn sugar? For instance, if you poured 1 oz. (by weight) of corn sugar into 1 cup of water, how much...
  8. menschmaschine

    Another Corny CO2 Leak Thread (pic)

    Got some new (used) kegs. Just transferred beer to one and it leaks. After finally pinpointing the leak, I've found it's at the Out post, but it's the base of the post where it is permanently attached (welded on the inside?) to the keg. I had to trim a little rubber around the post base to...
  9. menschmaschine

    Historic Einbeck Beer

    Paging through Designing Great Beers and trying to decide what to brew next, I ran across the chapter on Bocks and the information given about the famous beer of Einbeck, circa ~1300-1650. Inferred from this information is that, according to how we style beers today, the original Einbeck beer...
  10. menschmaschine

    Did the crazy, flailing-arm dance today...

    So I'm mowing the lawn today... dooh-do-do, la-la-la... AHH!, HOLY SH**!, AHH!!!! Mowed right over a fresh new yellow jacket nest! Arms flailing, legs akimbo, I run and dance screaming like a little girl into the house, only to realize they are still on me, stinging my arms, legs and...
  11. menschmaschine

    Science behind "grainy character"

    What exactly in the brewing process can produce a pleasant grainy character in a beer? What types of compounds are responsible for a grainy character?... proteins? (Not to be confused, per se, with maltiness... I know what can produce that.) Here's the background to my question: I brewed a...
  12. menschmaschine

    Whirlpool Electrique

    Surely someone has thought of this, but I thought I'd post it anyway. I found it a pain to whirlpool by hand after cooling down the wort, so I came up with this. All that goes into it is a crank from a barley crusher with the non-threaded hole drilled out larger (~1/2") and a plastic mash...
  13. menschmaschine

    Lost Foam?

    We've talked before on here about foam produced during brewing and/or fermenting being "used up"... i.e., if you create foam by shaking, etc., it would be lost. I've been fairly skeptical of this notion because I figure, in order for the foam to be "lost", the responsible proteins would have to...
  14. menschmaschine

    Plumbing Leak Help

    My kitchen sink has leaks in the water lines as seen below. They are pretty slow leaks. They're both leaking at the SS braided fitting end. The hot water line is leaking in 2 places (above and below the fitting) and the cold water line is just leaking above the fitting as indicated by the...
  15. menschmaschine

    F-word on CNN this morning?

    Did anyone else catch that? I could have sworn John Roberts said it this morning on American Morning. It was around 7:30 AM or so. I wasn't paying much attention while getting some breakfast and I overheard a slightly heated discussion between Roberts and Chetry and another lady whose...
  16. menschmaschine

    $100 Brew Money- Which would you get?

    Looking for some opinions here. If you had $100 of belated birthday money to spend on brewing equipment, which would you get?: 1. 4 Corny Kegs (currently have 4 and need to stock up on brew for upcoming birth of first child) 2. Upgrade 25 ft immersion chiller to 50 ft (brewing 10+...
  17. menschmaschine

    Would Common Sense please report to the principal's office

    What the F is going on with this? First it was the cake knife incident of a month or so ago, now this. When I was a kid, I brought nunchucks and throwing stars to school and all I got was a talkin' to.
  18. menschmaschine

    Acid Rests

    I was re-reading Horst Dornbusch's book called Bavarian Helles and, while I disagree with some of his recommendations (e.g., blanketly doing a 122°F protein rest on all Helles), I found something intriguing in the Appendices for acid rests. He states that many German Brewers do acid rests...
  19. menschmaschine

    Thief 4

    Any other Taffing homebrewers out there? I'm not much of a gamer, but I got sucked into the Thief series. Eidos Montréal is working on the next one. I'll probably have to upgrade my computer again like I did when Thief 3 came out.:cross:
  20. menschmaschine

    Dry Yeast, Liquid Yeast Equivalents

    Does anyone know of a resource similar to this yeast comparison chart, but for dry yeast? That is, what are the equivalent strains of White Labs and Wyeast for Danstar, Fermentis, etc.? I know a few of them, but I've never seen a well-documented list. UPDATE (04-15-2009): Here is a list...