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  1. ClaudiusB

    Aged a whiskey barrel not the beer

    My home brewing buddy Albert handed me a new whiskey barrel and told me "Do something with it", I did. I didn't like the new look and decided the barrel needed some character and forced aged the barrel before I fill it. To keep Albert from killing me I decided to put his and the beer name on...
  2. ClaudiusB

    Outdoor beer dispenser project

    I was given a ceramic German beer tower by two homebrew club members in July and recently (Christmas) started working on it. This is an outdoor project to reduce the waiting lines inside the brewery during our official parties. The tower will be mounted on a large stainless steel drum which...
  3. ClaudiusB

    Mounting magnets

    Over the years the same question has comes up, "Which way to mount the magnets on my fan" and we see a lot of confusing answers about getting the most force out of the predictable magnets. Look at my short and poor quality photobucket videos and make up your own mind. Here is short video...
  4. ClaudiusB

    Free Brewing, Mash computer program

    Here is a link to a free brewing software package for the PC. The program was developed by one of our German Homebrewers, Samba und Bier. It is a very popular program among German homebrewers. Requires a relay card and the DS1820 sensor. Download software here...