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  1. cooldood

    Maine RIMs Tube

    I have a 1.5 x 12 brewers hardware rims tube that has never been used. I have run water through for a test but never wort. It has a 120v heating element. Selling because I am moving and got to get rid of the "excess" stuff $100 + shioouing and it its yours
  2. cooldood

    Doing it standing up or lying down? Brewhardware RIMS

    Just bought a BEAUTIFUL RIMS and have a simple question Should I install it horizontal or vertical or doesn't matter? My concern is the thermoprobe goes in the very end of the tube and will air get trapped in there or not enough flow to accurately read the temp?
  3. cooldood

    I think my thing is too short

    Ok I have two problems with my temp controller One is I lost the instructions. DOH does anyone know how to change it to Fahrenheit and the temp probe looks like it is undeveloped LOL will it work in a RIMS tube or should I buy a new one. And if so what?
  4. cooldood

    BIAB Virgin please be gentile

    Ok so I have new 10 gallon kettle and want to do a BIAB Years ago I AG then last few years kits. Now going to try BIAB. So some quick questions 10 gallon pot how big a batch 5 gallons ??? What is the highest OG I can shoot for with a 5 gallon batch? Any suggestions for my first...
  5. cooldood

    Vacuum filler Build

    Ok I am not sure I can really call this a build since it took all of 30 minutes. But anyway here is my new vacuum filler invention patent pending jk i/2" cpvc o ring 1/4" hose barb 3/8" racking tube I first drilled the 1/4" hole in the tee. I used a pen to hold the tubing in...
  6. cooldood

    Counterflow build or buy?

    How much money can you really save by buidling your own? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Counterflow-counter-flow-wart-chiller-20-/271546227572?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f396a9b74 or...
  7. cooldood

    120v RIMS help please

    I am looking to start my build of this system. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f36/mash-bucket-system-399490/ I want to use 120v heating element. so a couple of quick questions Does anybody have a link to a SS clad element? 120v 1200 watt? controller 1 120v in 2 120v in 3???? 4 to SSR 3...
  8. cooldood

    Stir Plate Score (kind of)

    I scored a stirrer like this but the switch does not change speed so I am sure I need a new pot and do not know where or what to buy :( all I can read on it is 3 amp 125 vac Any help?
  9. cooldood

    Steam Kettle

    I wonder if I could convert this to a BIAB system. If I could replace the steam boiler with a rims tube it might work????
  10. cooldood

    Racking arm

    I was wondering what everybody is using for a racking arm on the plastic conicals and how far up from the bottom to drill. I apologize if this has been answered before.
  11. cooldood

    today's Posts new posts

    I am sure I am not the first one to think of this but isn't this redundant? Do we need both links at the top? We are wasting valuable screen space. We could just remove one and put a picture of Yooper instead
  12. cooldood

    HB wine = gas bag

    I made a red wine kit nine months ago. My wife loves the wine but everytime she drinks it she gets severe abdominal pain from gas. And our bedroom smells like low tide. OK not really but you get my drift. Store bought wine doesn't bother her at all.
  13. cooldood

    late additions again

    I like the idea of late additions to keep the color of my beer lighter. BeerSmith shows a significant increase in IBUS when doing late additions. So I have a few questions. Have others actually seen this increase of IBUs in the real world? If it increases the IBUS by 20% can I...
  14. cooldood

    Things that make you go HHHHMMMMM

    Add your quirky thoughts about HB you find hard to understand like: If beer in a clear bottle goes skunky in just few minutes in sunlight ( I know some brands like it that way ) Why are most beer mugs/glasses clear glass?
  15. cooldood


    Well it was my first time screwing up my yeast. I was making three batches of beer this weekend and mixed up my yeast I used Midwest Headwaters ale yeast instead of Weihenstephan Weizen for my MW Hank's Hefeweizen Kit I any ideas how it will effect my brew?
  16. cooldood

    Got slurry now what

    OK, I harvested my yeast and have 250 mg jars of slurry in my fridge. I want to use it for a 5 gallon batch of 1.043 ale. Can I just get it up to room temp and pitch or do I have to make a mini starter to get it active again?
  17. cooldood

    MidWest liquid yeast upgrades

    How can you tell what yeast you will be getting if you upgrade a kit to liquid? Is there a list somewhere?
  18. cooldood

    Blueberry beer

    Blueberries will be in season in a few weeks and I want to do a blueberry beer. I have some Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast Activator harvested so I could do a MidWest Hank's Hefeweizen Kit or should I try it with some other ale? Suggestions anyone?
  19. cooldood

    Keggle tap location

    This is probably just another dumb question but here it goes. Why does everybody drill a hole in the side of their keggle and weld in a nipple? Why not the bottom? If I am using mine for BIAB would the problem be there is too much gunk on the bottom?
  20. cooldood

    Sous Vide Controllers

    I am getting ready to build my mash in a bucket system and need to buy a controller. I see several on Ebay from $50 to $200. I was wondering if anyone has experience with them and are the $50 a good buy or just a POS.