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  1. bradsul

    Marijuana beer recipe?

    Legalities aside, it is against forum rules to discuss this subject. Until that changes, a locking we will go!
  2. bradsul

    Dry Hop Questions

    It ends up suspending about 10cm or so below the surface. But the only reason for this is that I loop the draw string around the top of the better bottle. I just happen to prefer removing the hop bag before racking the beer to keg or the bottling bucket. That's just a personal preference...
  3. bradsul

    Dry Hop Questions

    I have some glass beads I sanitize and use to weigh the bag down. I've never experienced any kind of overflow however. I add my dry hops to secondary about a week after it gets racked there, most of the CO2 has left the beer by that point.
  4. bradsul

    Why Don't I Make More Stouts?

    I drink stout all year long, I can't get enough of it personally. :D I do tend to drink less during the summer though for the same reason as Walker. A nice mild or bitter works best for me in the hot months.
  5. bradsul

    Dry Hop Questions

    I've never thought to do that, but it sounds like an interesting idea. I guess the key would be that you'd need to let it sit and settle long enough for the yeast to drop back out. Which if you're only doing after the first couple days wouldn't be much of an issue. Personally I like to use a...
  6. bradsul

    Oatmeal Stout Best Laid Plans [Oatmeal Stout]

    Glad you enjoyed it Cheers! :mug: I plan to brew this again within a few weeks myself.
  7. bradsul

    Cannabis Sativa in Brews???

    Sorry, this one is out of bounds.
  8. bradsul

    Vienna Lager Brad's Vienna Lager

    If you're looking to brew totally to style you probably should. I don't have much interest in that myself as it adds nothing to the flavour in this case.
  9. bradsul

    PVC Tower Cooling Solution

    Nothing to be sorry for, your solutions, while I'm quite sure they work, have absolutely nothing to do with the original problem this solution was designed to solve. That would be cooling the lines in the tower when you have no space in the fridge for fans etc. This has been working for me...
  10. bradsul

    Mill Street Tankhouse Ale Recipe

    I haven't had it in a little while but I remember it being fairly dark for a pale ale. 15SRM sounds about right to me.
  11. bradsul

    Mill Street Tankhouse Ale Recipe

    Wow not too bad for an off-the-cuff recipe. :D I'm surprised about the chocolate but I guess it must just be for colour, I certainly don't taste any.
  12. bradsul

    PVC Tower Cooling Solution

    Do what you like, I have no interest in arguing with you. Those of us who enjoy being able to conserve our money and resources whenever possible will continue to do so.
  13. bradsul

    PVC Tower Cooling Solution

    Why spend the money on electricity if you don't need to? That's just being wasteful when it's not at all necessary. My kegerator has been going strong with the original setup since this thread was posted almost 3 years ago without any issues at all.
  14. bradsul

    Canadian and Toronto Members look here

    I looked high and low for stansan locally (Guelph area) for the longest time, I ended up ordering from Austin Homebrew. That was a couple years ago though (I bought the large bottle and it lasts forever). I'm pretty sure www.homebrew-supplies.ca carries it north of the border now though.
  15. bradsul

    Favorite Dry Hop??

    Probably won't help since you seem to be talking about American IPA's, but I love EKG myself, I usually use 30g of pellets for a week. Fuggles is excellent as well. I use cascade when I make an American style, but I don't do that very often.
  16. bradsul

    Oatmeal Stout Best Laid Plans [Oatmeal Stout]

    It's very drinkable at that point, you just won't see a lot of the more malty flavours until around the 3 month mark (at least in my experience).
  17. bradsul

    Vienna Lager Brad's Vienna Lager

    With a little bit of malt as well. Though definitely more toasty/bready than malty.
  18. bradsul

    Happy Birthday, Yooper!

    Happy Birthday! :mug:
  19. bradsul

    My Ugly Junk- Corona Mill Station...

    Hope you cleaned the bucket. :D
  20. bradsul

    Mill Street Tankhouse Ale Recipe

    I remember Trafalgar when they first opened in a tiny little unit off Wyecroft Rd in Oakville (I used to live in Oakville (Bronte actually)) and they were REALLY good. Now I find their beers boring and the quality not at all what it once was. Hockley Valley Dark I quite enjoy. Some more...