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  1. bstacy1974

    New post a picture of your pint

    Apple Ale, aka Graff, aged 4 years, accidentally. Forgot that I had a case in the basement. The box got cover with other empty bottle cases. Nice find for the holidays! Super smooth with a nice malt base. Slight bitterness from Cascade. Full apple cider character.
  2. bstacy1974

    Old hops and the HSI

    I should have asked for advice before brewing today, but oh well. Call it an experiment. So, I have some old hops in the freezer. Some in excess of 6 years old. Purchased from YVH, then repacked in 1oz vacuum sealed bags. In an effort to clear my inventory, I decided to do a little research on...
  3. bstacy1974

    Ballast Point has excellent beginner instructions

    The Professor's Pale is a good one. Great use of Crystal hops. You could easily crank up the hops to make this a Crystal IPA as well.
  4. bstacy1974

    FB Marketplace score. New fermentation chamber.

    We are in the process of setting up a little man cave for my our boys in the basement. A place where the teens and pre-teens can hangout and play video games. While looking alfor a used mini-fridge, the wife comes across this! Turns out, it's someone we know. $50 and it was never used by the...
  5. bstacy1974

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Been awhile since I had a brew day. New table. New pH meter. (A little low on the mash pH). New hops! Feels good to be back at it.
  6. bstacy1974

    Does anyone line their mash tun with a BIAB?

    Count me in as well. Started using a bag and stainless false bottom in my cooler mash tun 5 or 6 years ago. I second a previous response that this is the best use of a brew bag. I buy cheap bags on Amazon but plan to get a Brew Bag this year, maybe.
  7. bstacy1974

    Is it alive?

    I tend to agree, however, I've had some live yeast packs that had zero activity after their expiration date. I believe dry yeast are much hardier strains that last a very long time even after being stored post-fermentation. Stepped up with some canned, sterilized 1.030 wort this morning. Lots...
  8. bstacy1974

    Is it alive?

    We have bubbles!
  9. bstacy1974

    Is it alive?

    34-70 a year old, maybe older. Sterilized 1.020 wort. Is it still alive? We'll see?
  10. bstacy1974

    two 110v elements, two circuits, one PID?

    I ran 2-2000 watt elements from two separate 120v, 20 amp circuits for about two years. I recently installed a 30 amp, 240v circuit, mainly to drop the overall amp draw. With the 120v setup, my lights would dim when the elements would fire. That went away with the 240v circuit.
  11. bstacy1974

    What came in the mail for you today?

    New false bottom. Only $16 from the used list on Amazon!
  12. bstacy1974

    Low Watt Density heating elements - what density can be assumed safe for heating wort?

    I used two 2000 watt high density elements in my BK for a few years. I had one scorching incident but it was my fault. Other than that, no other issues. Just upgraded to a 240v circuit with a 5500 watt element from Lowes. I'm in no way worried about scorching. Along with power modulation...
  13. bstacy1974

    Creating a starter from dry yeast

    Sorry to respond twice, but the other tip I've picked up on this board is to add slightly more sparge water to your next brew. Gather a quart or two of the runnings and save those for starters. No DME required. I also did this on my Saturday brew. I did a two step batch sparge. Ended up with a...
  14. bstacy1974

    Creating a starter from dry yeast

    Just used US05 in an IPA a couple of weeks ago. The day I kegged, I sterilized 3 quarts of water, in Mason jars, in the pressure cooker. When cooled, I poured the water on the yeast cake, swirled, then refilled the Mason jars with slurry. I didn't bother rinsing the yeast any further. Just put...
  15. bstacy1974

    How many people lost their keezer to covid?

    Does toilet paper keep longer in the freezer?
  16. bstacy1974

    The GaP (Grocery and Produce) Beer Experiment

    Had the wife pick up some minute rice, quick oats, and quick grits the other day. Thinking of an American lager, pilsner malt, rice and corn, with sterling and crystal hops.
  17. bstacy1974

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I'll be brewing a recipe later today, based on Elysian Space Dust. I don't have Citra and Amarillo, so I subbing Comet and Cascade. I call it Garage Dust.
  18. bstacy1974

    Magnetic Pump From AliExpress...

    I've looked all over the interwebs today for a spare impeller. Williams Brewing is the only website that has a listing for one, but it's out of stock. I sent them an email asking for more info. Hopefully I'll get a response. Several other emails to retailers returned an answer of no. If anyone...
  19. bstacy1974

    Magnetic Pump From AliExpress...

    So, no circulation during the boil? I'll keep looking for a replacement impeller.
  20. bstacy1974

    Magnetic Pump From AliExpress...

    Williams Brewing lists spare impellers, but are out of stock. Can't find other listing anywhere. I'm a little concerned I'll have to upgrade to chugger or riptide. Just don't want to spend that money right now. I have grain to buy.