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  1. sudbuster

    Saison Biere de Saison

    All of my recipes on HBT have won some level of award in contests and this one is no different. It was submitted to and older (19 yrs ) contest consisting of about 400 entrants. The beer was awarded silver (39 points). The recipe was formulated from advice and info from Markowski's 'Farmhouse...
  2. sudbuster

    Man! I Love Saison!

    To my tastes there is no better beer than Saison. Fruity background, rich malt and hops. All of the qualities we expect from Belgian beer. I can't brew enough of the stuff. Silver medal.
  3. sudbuster

    What a wonderful Birthday

    Today I am 74. I never thought I should live this long. It was a wonderful day. Everyone had something planed, but finally I said that the best Birthday that all could give me would be a complete day that I could just do what I wanted to do. Well, everyone agreed, so guess what that was! Today...
  4. sudbuster

    Am I a homebrewer? NO!

    Homebrew: Doesn't the moniker not elicit images of squalor and unsanitary conditions as a result of past media reports? I don't consider myself a "homebrewer". Whether I brew at home or at some event or even if I brew in the street, I am not a "homebrewer" in the classical since of the term...
  5. sudbuster

    Judging the beer that wasn't there.

    The AHA annual NHC. It has been three years since I have been able to get an entry into that circus. This year I got in with one entry I thought was worthy. As so often happens in life, other duties trumped it, and I was not able to meet the shipping window when we returned, so the entry was...
  6. sudbuster

    So tell us about your brew day__

    Today was one of the few brew days that went as it should. No emergencies or "Ohh!, Sh!t" moments. All the numbers came along as if the were programed. It went along as smooth as a popcorn fart through silk drawers. It was a Saison with 93% efficiency into the fermentor. The brewhouse...
  7. sudbuster

    CAT. 1a

    Anyone brewing in Category 1A? I have recently become interested in the least interesting of all beer styles. I knew they are the most difficult of all styles to brew due to the lack of covering (masking) elements that more malty, hoppy, beers exhibit to brewing errors or improper sanitation...
  8. sudbuster

    The Grapefruit and Pine Sap Flavor Poll

    I just read on the interwebs that a bit over 25% of surveyed people Hate the flavor of grapefruit. That made me wonder about beer flavor (I'm always thinking about beer). What percentage of HBT folks hate grapefruit or pine sap flavor in beer? I'll go first: (DUH), I can't stand it. An otherwise...
  9. sudbuster

    My experience with Blichmann conicals..

    A while back, 1 to 2 years, I decided I needed to reduce the physical labor involved in lugging around 6 gallon carboys because i'm getting older than rocks. I bought a couple 14 gal. Blichmann conicals, thinking that my labor would be reduced, 1 for lagers and 1 for ales. They also have a lot...
  10. sudbuster

    I'm brewing in a **** storm (or trying)

    After a bad batch I sampled the ambient air.....
  11. sudbuster

    Finally ponied up for water analysis.

    Been brewing pilsners for several years here on the farm. They seemed to be pretty fair, so I never worried about it. But you boys and girls here on this forum have been going on about water so much, I had mine tested. My question is, is this good pilsner water? pH 7.7 Total Dissolved Solids...
  12. sudbuster

    Help with icemaker install

    Let me describe my situation. I have a chest freezer I use for hops storage. Also, I have been freezing small plastic bottles of water to load into a dedicated cooler-pump setup to bring the wort down to lager pitch temp. Due to the thermal inefficiency of this system, I've been considering the...
  13. sudbuster

    Who is the oldest "old F*rt" on HBT?

    I'm 70 years old. Anyone still brewing and chewing the fat with these whipper-snappers on here beat that?:D
  14. sudbuster

    Here's a new build ( and my last )

    First I had to build this: Then the fun began
  15. sudbuster


    I had been brewing homebrew for many years before I ran across HBT in 2006. I didin't know what to think of it , so I lurked for several months. I was about to give it up when I ran across a thread that told me what HBT was really about. It was light hearted and fun. The information given was...
  16. sudbuster

    Problems with SWMBO and kids?

    Have any of you had problems with your kids or SWMBO invading your brew space? Well, I've had it. The first brew shed/ shop was hardly finished when my daughter needed room to store her junk between marriages. That lasted two years. The second brew shed was useful to SWMBO because it had a lot...
  17. sudbuster

    Anyone brew CAP?

    That's it. Just checking to see and maybe discuss the style.
  18. sudbuster

    Contaminated? Spoiled? You decide..

    There has been several threads and posts with questions about contaminated beer. This prompted me to do a web search for pictures of what was thought to be spoiled beer. I make no comment one way or another, just present them. None of them come from HBT. Here is a quote from a dude on the...
  19. sudbuster

    Rye PA 11

    IPA recipes are a dime a dozen. Anyway, here is 0.8333... cents worth Rye PA 11 If you need a photo, you can see it on my avatar Makes 5.25 gal to finish out with 5 gal. MALT 10 lb Maris Otter 2 row malt 2 lb rye malt 1.5 lb crystal 55L malt 6 oz Munich malt 6 oz torrified wheat 4 oz...
  20. sudbuster

    Old BK makes a nice fermenter