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  1. ncfield

    Need Advise: Belgian-American IPA

    Hi All, Brewed a Belgian-American IPA based off of Randy Mosher's recipe from Radical Brewing. After 10 days in the primary, it tastes pretty good, but I was really hoping for a better mix of a Belgian/IPA, but this beer is really more on the Belgian side. The other issue is I added some...
  2. ncfield

    Thoughts on cider fermentation

    Hi All, Can I get some opinions on the attached pic? Doing 3 quick 1 gal batches while my 5 gal batch ages. Added S04 and fermentation has been going strong and now starting to slow slightly. What are your thoughts on the clarity? Two jugs have cleared well, but the first is still very...
  3. ncfield

    Adding sugars, ending fermentation, etc

    Hi All, Posted some threads a couple weeks ago when I started my first cider (5 gals of pasteurized from my local orchard, no preservatives). Things are chugging along but I've got some questions and need opinions. I used White Labs 775 English Cider Yeast for this recipe. Fermentation will...
  4. ncfield

    Cider: No fermentation yet

    Hi all... Found my first batch of cider and was trying to make it as simple as possible. 5 gals of apple cider from my local orchard straight into the sanitized primary. Added 1/4 tsp of potassium metabisulfite & used D47 yeast per the recommendation of my LHBS. It's been about 36 hours and...
  5. ncfield

    New HB from Bucks County

    Hey neighbors! Looking for other home brewers in bucks/Montgomery county area to bounce ideas off of and maybe brew sometime. Brewed my first batch this week and it's in the primary (Citra Pale Ale). Happy I finally picked up this hobby! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  6. ncfield

    Airlock/Primary question

    Hey All, Made my first batch a couple days ago (Citra Pale Ale). After I got everything into the primary, I placed the airlock in the lid & the small rubber gasket popped through into my brew. I used plastic wrap on the outside of the lid to keep the airlock in place and keep it sealed. Te...
  7. ncfield

    First timer; Brew kettle question

    Hi All, First time brewer here. I searched the forums & didn't have any luck. Is it a must that I use a 5 gal brew kettle for a batch? In other words, I have a large stock pot, but it will not hold 5 gals. Can I prepare this batch like this or do I have to invest in a larger kettle?