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  1. stamandster

    Aluminum Tubing for HERMS coil?

    Surprisingly I didn't find any threads on this. So stainless can be a pain to bend and is expensive but doesn't rust or verdigris, copper can bend easily but can also be expensive and does verdigris. And yet aluminum tubing is cheapest and provides the best heat transfer, easy to bend and no...
  2. stamandster

    Increasing Sulfate Only?

    I'm sorry if this topic has been covered before, but, I can't seem to search and find this information anywhere. Is there a way to increase Sulfate without increasing Calcium or Magnesium? Seems the common way to increase sulfate levels is to add either Gypsum (calcium) or Epsom (magnesium)...
  3. stamandster

    Anyone use the Inkbird ITC-106VH yet?

    Looking to change out my PID to something with manual control and saw this guy replaces the regular Inkbird with the omron relays. I currently have the Mypin TA4 w out manual mode.
  4. stamandster

    HERMS, HEX Coil, HLT Sizing

    I'm new to the HERMS process but have been brewing now for about 5 years. I'm planning of doing 5ish gallon batches, I have a 15.5 gal converted keg for my MLT and an 11g pot for my BK. I picked up a 30 quart pot as a HLT and to house my HEX coil of 20 ft (copper 1/2"). I'm curious if this is...
  5. stamandster

    Force Carbing Theory Using Weight

    If my math's correct 2.5 volumes co2 for 5 gallons beer @ 32f = 12.5 gallons co2 @ 32f 1.5 vol co2 for 5 g beer @ 32f = 7.5 g co2 @ 32f measurement -> 1cf = 7.480 US gallons OR 1 US Gal = .1336cf measurement c02 -> 1cf = .1144lb OR 1lb = 8.741 CF 7.5g gallons co2 for 1.5 vol co2 for 5g beer =...
  6. stamandster

    Water Reports?

    Moved into West Springfield from Springfield about two months ago and was wondering if any locals that use the same water source have had their water tested to see what the mineral content is. The city report only does contaminants. Or possibly gain some info on how your brews are going with...
  7. stamandster

    Another Web Based Temperature Controller

    Just wanted other to be aware of this http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001H4JXLU/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 And there's an open source software for it http://mocoworks.bistrobrew.com/ Looks like you could control and watch numerous fermentations.
  8. stamandster

    Fermenting Fridge Thermostat (Filtrete) Controller

    So I've been looking to make or get a cheap temp controller for my fridge. I saw the thread on the Hunter home thermostat build and decided to try it myself :) I got the Filtrete (by 3M, cheapest dual mode un-programmable, digital thermostat) at HD on sale for $13, the 24a/240v SSR was about $5...
  9. stamandster

    Massachusetts Small Fridge on CL $25 (not mine)

    Just saw this perusing CL... older but working (from what it says). I have one just like this I just got for free or else I'd jump on it. http://westernmass.craigslist.org/app/3676940197.html
  10. stamandster

    "Newegg" Is selling PID temp controllers

    Based on the comments below I've edited the post to only display the links. The consensus is the TD4 model is better than the TA4 model. ed. Compiled List TD4-SNR - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA1KT0JK2470 TA4 -...
  11. stamandster

    Make your own Malt Kiln

    Not sure if he's on the forum, and I didn't see a post on it. Cool stuff though :) http://www.blueleafsoftware.com/Resources/EmbeddedSand/Malt_Kiln "Malting barley is a critical step in the brewing of a nice beer. Brewers rely on maltsters to craft this ingredient. It involves soaking the...
  12. stamandster

    So how'd I do on my Wyeast 1968 Yeast Rinsing?

    This a from a ESB I just transferred into my secondary. I have to admit I didn't get all of the yeast/trub from the primary. However, as the picture shows it settled to the bottom in true 1968 high flocculation fashion :) I actually siphoned much of the trub with a turkey baster (sanitized of...
  13. stamandster

    Hops Data Spreadsheet

    So I figured I'd start working on getting data on all hops. I've started with the US based off of the www.usahops.org website. I'm still kind of working on it... so if you see an issue with something let me know...
  14. stamandster

    Our Beer History

    http://www.brewerygems.com/site-map.htm Didn't know if anyone has been to this site yet. But very interesting research into old breweries in the US.
  15. stamandster

    Am I crazy? Hop schedule for pale ale.

    Recipe --- Cry Baby Pale 11# 2row Pale 1oz Carafa 2 @15 1oz Apollo (Pellet AA18%) @5 1oz Apollo (Pellet AA18%) 70% eff - 1.052 OG, 1.017 FG, 5 SRM, 45.6 IBU (BU:GU 0.87), 4.7% ABV Cry Havoc WLP862 So am I off base by trying to get a ton of flavor and aroma from having alot of hops at the...
  16. stamandster

    Cheap pump and FDA approved 12v 100c

    http://www.lightobject.com/High-Temp100-39C-68LMin-108GPH-mini-DC-12V-Water-Pump-FDA-food-grade-Ideal-for-beer-brewing-P709.aspx So I was just perusing around fleabay and stumbled across this! Looks like it may be small but mighty at 1.8g/m
  17. stamandster

    Craftsmen 50ft All Rubber for $20 at Kmart

    http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/75392/kmart.com-50-craftsman-58-all-rubber-garden-hose-69602 http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_043W088518011003P Choose pickup in store, seems you have to buy online. I'm in for one though! save $8 bucks.
  18. stamandster

    What probe/thermocouple/thermometer? and where to buy?

    Not really sure what to get and where to get it :) Need one for my mash tun only.
  19. stamandster

    Igloo 60qt for $29 at Big Lots

    http://www.biglots.com/browseItem/new-arrivals/7738 $26 not $29! (i'm stupid, sue me :)) Just thought I'd let everyone know :) (well if you have a big lots in your area).
  20. stamandster

    Table and Vine's Samuel Adams Home Brew Judging and Cheese Pairing

    Samuel Adams Home Brew Judging and Cheese Pairing Friday May 18th - 6:00 ALL are welcome to come see who's brew won and to sample some Sam! FREE, Reservations required Email [email protected] to sign up http://www.tableandvine.com/tastings_and_events.html My Ordinary Bitter is...