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  1. hopdog

    10 gallon boil in a 13.5 keggle

    Has anyone done this? Is there enough room?
  2. hopdog

    Crappy brew day

    Started out nice yesterday. Got my brew going nicely but in my attempt to multi-task; I forgot my thermometer in my wort... it broke (I am done with floaters). Hooked the chiller up to my spigot outside and apparently it was frozen. Wrestled the keg down to the basement to another spigot...
  3. hopdog

    Can anyone give me feedback on a Yamaha FZ1?

    I have a minitruck I wanted to trade for a cruiser bike. Someone offered a 2006 FZ1 and I am strongly considering it. I would appreciate any feedback on this bike that anyone may have.
  4. hopdog

    Beginnings of my basement bar

    The very beginnings.
  5. hopdog

    WTF is wrong with people!

    I'm not drunk but this seemed like the spot for a rant! I was enjoying my morning coffee, watching the news and some a**f*** in Cali., dressed up as Santa, shot a bunch of people and set the house on fire. The first one to get shot was an 8 yo girl. In the face! Yeah! Sure! I believe in God...
  6. hopdog

    Favorite Christmas Story

    It is time for me to watch my favorite Christmas story. Bad Santa. For those who haven't seen it, it is a touching tale of love and redemption. (not appropriate for children).
  7. hopdog

    Any off-grid brewers out there?

    I am building a new house and considering going solar. They want almost $10k to run power to my house.
  8. hopdog

    First time forum participation...ever

    I have been reading the forum for a while. Enjoy it a lot. Never been on a forum before, figured I would participate. Greetings all.