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  1. justinakajuice

    I miss brewing...

    Lately, I have been too busy to brew. No, really. I bought a house and I'm getting married in August. SWMBO likes the homebrew and even goes with me to the Dogfishhead Alehouse and Sweetwater Tavern. I work full time and on top of that, I go to school full time. This is my first semester of...
  2. justinakajuice

    Paulaner Oktoberfest

    Been a while since I posted, but I had to share my opinion of Paulaner's Oktoberfest. What a great beer. I bought it because it was 15 bucks for a huge mug that had a can of Oktoberfest in it. I was amazed at how tasty and easy to drink it was. I haven't been able to get it out of my head...
  3. justinakajuice

    Have you ever been stuck on one beer? (yes) Ok, which?

    Currently, I am completely stuck on Dogfishhead 60 min IPA. They recently started stocking at the grocery store so I don't have to go to a specialty store anymore. They have 90 min as well, but I would rather drink 6 beers vs. the 4 for the same buzz. I just like drinking beer, you know...
  4. justinakajuice

    Stout Head

    I have a stout to brew up soon and was wondering what type of head I am going to get from my system. A while back I picked up a 4-tap kit from kegconnection's black friday sale. Made a keezer and I'm now in the beer. When I have the stout all kegged up and dispensing on my CO2 only, regular...
  5. justinakajuice

    Why aren't you brewing?

    Okay, right now, I'm working. But the reason why I haven't been brewing much is my '69 Firebird. I'm in the middle of restoring it, just finishing up putting in a new complete trunk floor. Next on the list is replacing both sides of the floor pans in the car, quarter panels, door skins...
  6. justinakajuice

    Northern Virginia Group Buy?

    I would like to get in on a group buy for grains and/or hops. I do not have any interest in hosting the buy, but I would like to purchase a good amount. Please send me a PM or respond if you are interested. Thanks, Justin
  7. justinakajuice

    Pulled my first beer last night

    ...and a few more of course. Well, my keezer works, my zero-activity-airlock Windsor yeast did it's job, and I enjoyed my first pints out of it last night. I put it on 30 lbs for 24 hours, shaking it a few times and putting it in the keezer to cool down. After the first 24 hours, I dropped...
  8. justinakajuice

    Big Moves

    I was brewing extract at my house on my crappy stove that cannot hit a consistent temperature and bottling with inconsistent amounts of carbonation. So basically, I went on a hiatus. A few weeks back I ran into a couple of AG brewers when I went to the Penn State/Indiana game. They were kind...
  9. justinakajuice

    Multiple Brewing Sessions

    For those of you that have 2 burners w/keggles and a cooler MLT, how long does it take to brew two 10 gallon batches back-to-back? At what step do you usually start the second batch going?
  10. justinakajuice

    Fermentor Questions/Recipe Suggestion Post

    I have brewed extracts with my bro-in-law and we are about to change just about everything we've done up to this point. Changes are: *10 gallon batches instead of 5 gal *All grain instead of extract *Kegging instead of bottling The setup will be 2 keggles and a 62 qt MLT. I've done the...
  11. justinakajuice

    Building a MLT Soon

    Per the sticky above, I ordered a 62 qt Coleman Xtreme from Wal-Mart that I will be converting to a MLT. Will let you know how it goes. This will be for 10 gallon batches that will be split between myself and my brother-in-law.
  12. justinakajuice

    Going to Kegs

    Well fellas, I just went to a game this weekend and ran into another home brewer that brought a couple kegs. Went over and BS'ed with him a bit and what little part of me was still on the fence about kegging jumped off. I just ordered up 2 4 packs from ebay for those 'one eared' kegs from...
  13. justinakajuice

    Old Ale

    Thinking about making this as my first attempt at AG brewing. Any thoughts? All of the numbers are right in the middle of where it should be according to Beersmith. Ingredients Amount Item Type % or IBU 4.0 oz Rice Hulls (0.0 SRM) Adjunct 1.64 % 12 lbs Pale Malt, Maris Otter (3.0...
  14. justinakajuice

    Dumpin' on a Cake

    1. When reusing a yeast cake, is it better to use the primary cake with or if transferred to a secondary, the secondary? 2. How many times can/should this be done before using a new batch of yeast? 3. Is an Irish Red that uses the same yeast(Nottingham dry) as a Nut Brown Ale safe from...
  15. justinakajuice

    HB Hefe, how to serve?

    Quick question, should I upend my homebrew Hefeweizen and draw it up, or should I pour like regular leaving the bottom bit? Beer is on the counter, clock is ticking! (Homebrewer99's recipe) :drunk:
  16. justinakajuice

    Experimental Ale

    With the leftovers from various brews we brewed a batch. Here's what we did: 1. Brew up about 3 gallons of water. 2. Steeping temp is 165* 3. Grains are Belgium Special 4.5 oz 140L, 8 oz Briess Crystal Malt 40L, 1.8 oz Briess Munich 20L. 4. Steep grains for 30 minutes. 5. Remove grain...
  17. justinakajuice

    Green Beer--Color that is.

    Anyone making a batch of green beer for St Patrick's Day? If so what kind?
  18. justinakajuice

    Opposite Beers?

    During my last brew sessions, I made an American Ale and a Hefeweizen. The American Ale brewed up about the same as the last batch that was made, very nice amber color and tastes the same as it did the first batch, still green at two weeks worth of bottle conditioning. It was bottled with a...
  19. justinakajuice

    Two Batches in Two Days

    Remade our American Amber on Sunday and made a Hefeweizen that Homebrewer99 had a recipe on here for on Saturday. It's definately gassing out at a decent rate, the hefe started getting foam in the blow off. Our first American Amber was a success, but we didn't have the secondary...