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  1. Ramitt

    Cigar City (Tampa) purchased by Oskar Blues

    I love me some cigar city, favorite beach beer ever (jai ali) Always a goto brand in Fl. If anyone bought them out I am glad it is a great craft brewery like Oskar Blues, hopefully I can someday enjoy some Jai Ali by my pool at home.
  2. Ramitt

    Fire Marshall encounter

    Why didn't you just ask him if he thought it was illegal or he felt it was dangerous? It could have ben he initially thought like one of my neighbors I was frying turkeys all the time, which would be really stupid in the garage.
  3. Ramitt

    Would you buy "Box Subscription" for homebrewing?

    Not interested, too many seasonals I am not interested in. For me one of my greatest joys in brewing is creating and adjusting recipes, I have only done 1 kit in 6 years.
  4. Ramitt

    Lets Start up the Hate

    Just brew what you want, who cares. There a recipes here and about the web for Light Adjunct Lagers to get you started. Seems like you are trying to pick a fight honestly.
  5. Ramitt

    Oat Wine - feedback please

    Sounds chewy.
  6. Ramitt

    All dextrose sugar is not equal

    dry ingredients are best measured by weight not volume.
  7. Ramitt

    What should Santa Claus bring me for Christmas

    a couple of 5 gallon cornies to ferment in, pefect for 3 gallon batches and a spare co2 setup to do O2 free transfers. Grain mill is a great idea also, as well as the blichmann burner. I wish I had upgraded to my grainmill and blichmann burner years ago.
  8. Ramitt

    Going from copying to creating

    I have never liked following recipes much in cooking or brewing. I have always followed some to learn the concept and theory. I mean seriously if I wanted to drink a commercial beer by tbe time I included the cost of equipment and my time a keg would probably be cheaper. I have come to a...
  9. Ramitt

    Marris Otter vs Pale 2 Row?

    Water is to easy to replicate with RO and minerals, shipping that volume would be ridiculous. I could see a lhbs selling ro premixed with minerals, but breweries buying thousands of gallons shipped across the country, no.
  10. Ramitt

    Do commercial breweries use hop bags with pellets?

    I have heard at least one brewer on The Session mentioning using bags. Thing is with smaller craft brewers are pretty near using the same technic homebrewers are, tbe bigger guys obviously not so much.
  11. Ramitt


    I love my blingman, built like a tank, quiet and efficient. My only regret is I don't have 2.
  12. Ramitt

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Imperial IPA- All grain recipe kit
  13. Ramitt

    Mosaic Pilsen Munich IPA

    You could also do something like 1-2lbs Vienna and .5-1 of Munich.
  14. Ramitt

    CFC and Pump - Where does the pump go?

    As I understand and always do, the pump should always be first thing after BK, before anyother items.
  15. Ramitt

    obssesion with hopstands...

    You won the Internet today. Well done sir, I applaud you.
  16. Ramitt


  17. Ramitt

    Cleaning a brett keg

    Excellent idea, I plan to steal it from you, thanks.
  18. Ramitt

    Cleaning a brett keg

    Interesting, no problem with tbe chips plugging the dip tube? I wonder how an oak stave with a hole drilled in and tied off with floss, like keg hopping, would do.
  19. Ramitt

    Getting bigger batches from smaller brew pots?

    That is a pretty good option, I don't find late addition dme to effect taste when I have added a pound or 2. I have never added top off water, but I doubt it would make a huge difference. Before I hadmy 16 gal kettle I often boiled the 3rd sparge on tbe stove and added it as my main kettle...