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  1. stamandster

    Why do we sparge with hot water?

    I mash-out from 168-170f, I use room temp water for fly-sparge. I consistently hit 80%+
  2. stamandster

    Brulosophy expert can't tell a Blonde Ale made with straight RO from RO plus minerals

    I think there's a severity level to "wrong/bad" if you're going to say "it's absolutely wrong/bad". There are some good things that come from the articles and they don't claim to be the end-all/be-all for information (at least from my observation). It's ok to present information and be wrong. We...
  3. stamandster

    Techniques To Make Non-Alcoholic Beer

    What about this process for NA? - mash beer as you normally would - sparge as you normally would - boil for 5 minutes, with enough hop material to help keep things anti-microbial - Ferment (almost non-hopped) wort - After fermentation, cold crash wort to filter out suspended proteins (and if...
  4. stamandster

    Yet more evidence that commercial brewers do not mash at 5.2 to 5.6 pH ...

    (not sure if this was mentioned before, see I'm late to the party with no date) This makes sense because a 5.34 pH @ 77f (standard for pH measurement) would correlate to about 5.1 pH @ 156f. Basically, we've been doing the same thing but cooling our mash/boil/etc wort before testing because most...
  5. stamandster

    Possibly Shocked/Killed my Yeast?

    Not at all! I store all my lager and ale yeasts at 38f degree fridge. I have no issues with reviving them. They usually kick off very well once at a temperature that they reproduce at. Once you're at an optimal temp, you should be ok. Now, in regards to your lag, you might just have old/sluggish...
  6. stamandster

    Brulosophy expert can't tell a Blonde Ale made with straight RO from RO plus minerals

    Let me preface by saying that I don't think what Brulosophy is doing is wrong/bad. I do think there are flaws in testing that you can't really address without a lot of money behind the testing, which I don't think they have. I personally read (and have done so for many years) Brulosophy for...
  7. stamandster

    DIY Alkaline Brewery Wash (PBW type cleaner)

    Barolkleen might work for you, sounds around similar to what the ABW is but without the Metasilicate, instead using Lye, which is what BLL was mentioning.
  8. stamandster

    compact brew rig

    Take a look at my homebrew instagram I have my sculpture up there, pretty compact setup -- https://www.instagram.com/undefinedbrewing/
  9. stamandster

    Homemade PBW Recipe

    Btw, Walmart in my area (New England, Western Mass) has Sunnyside TSP free (meta-silicate) for about $4/lb and it's in the paint section. 40oz box 7th Gen = $6.16 3.5 lb Oxy = $7.99 2lb TSP free = $8 So roughly $23 total (only using 20oz of the 7th gen) comes out to 6.75lb and $3/lb...
  10. stamandster

    Cheap compact wort pump

    Here's another one that may be a contender -- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07413ZDPZ/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 212f rated, seems like similar plastic material as the others.
  11. stamandster

    Inline GFCI

    If your tripping because of your pump there's something wrong with your pump or your wiring. You should fix that issue before dropping $130 on a in-line GFCI :)
  12. stamandster

    Grain mill roller diameter?

    Worth a shot ;-) necro post ftw!!!!
  13. stamandster

    Grain mill roller diameter?

    Wow I didn't know you were so affected by this thread. Got some unresolved issues going on there buddy? It was simple question and i have a mill.
  14. stamandster

    Grain mill roller diameter?

    I know that this is an old thread, but, did you ever get this working? Sounds interesting!
  15. stamandster

    Aluminum Tubing for HERMS coil?

    Surprisingly I didn't find any threads on this. So stainless can be a pain to bend and is expensive but doesn't rust or verdigris, copper can bend easily but can also be expensive and does verdigris. And yet aluminum tubing is cheapest and provides the best heat transfer, easy to bend and no...
  16. stamandster

    Increasing Sulfate Only?

    That make sense all! Thanks! I'm new to getting my water adjusted according to what I'm brewing. Based on reading up on all these awesome posts my water is actually ok for more malt centric or balanced beers out of the gate. However, IPA's, etc need a bit of acid and some help on my sulfate...
  17. stamandster

    Increasing Sulfate Only?

    Gotcha! Thanks AJ
  18. stamandster

    Increasing Sulfate Only?

    I got it worked out using more gypsum and still being within "safe" levels. Thanks!
  19. stamandster

    Increasing Sulfate Only?

    I didn't mean override as in cancel out. Override as in add more than. I want to add more sulfate without adding more magnesium or chloride . I want to add more sulfate only... it's ok if it can't be done. No problem. Thanks!
  20. stamandster

    Increasing Sulfate Only?

    I'm sorry if this topic has been covered before, but, I can't seem to search and find this information anywhere. Is there a way to increase Sulfate without increasing Calcium or Magnesium? Seems the common way to increase sulfate levels is to add either Gypsum (calcium) or Epsom (magnesium)...