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  1. Coastarine

    Hydrometer Calibration

    I am prepping for my first brew in 10 months. I expect to make some mistakes and run into some speed bumps, so I'm doing most of the prep a day in advance. One thing I decided to do is check the calibration of my refractometer, hydrometer, and thermapen. The thermapen and refractometer needed...
  2. Coastarine

    CFC Users: How do you get it clean and keep it clean?

    Hey all, it has been quite a while since I posted or even read anything here, mostly because it has been quite a while since I brewed anything! About 10 months to be precise, but it is time to get back on that horse. This is the longest I have ever gone between brew sessions, and I just know...
  3. Coastarine

    "Hop Dust" making my IPA harsh

    My latest batch of IPA has a problem that a few of my past batches have faced as well. I dry hopped it in the keg using 2oz simcoe pellets in a mesh hop bag for 10 days at 68*F. It now has a very fine hop dust suspended in it that makes for a harsh taste in the back of your throat as you drink...
  4. Coastarine

    iPhone Users: are you getting upside down pictures?

    This is really bizarre... I like to use my iPhone 3gs as a camera. It's convenient to upload and I always have it with me. I am running into an odd issue though: my pictures are upside down...sorta. What I mean by this is that the "preview" of the picture is right side up, but if you...
  5. Coastarine

    Not my WORST brewday ever...

    ...but close. [pic removed because it was geotagged. Who knew...] My pump has a small chamber that holds a screen filter. To remove the filter, you unscrew a plastic piece. That plastic piece has developed some small cracks (freeze/thaw) and now lets in air when the pump is running. The...
  6. Coastarine

    Kegerator in TV room: Approved! Need brainstorm on mess prevention.

    Our new house has two "living rooms" which is great news for me. The one downstairs with laminate and a gas fireplace will be the formal living room and the "den" upstairs with carpet gets the 42" tv, comfy sofa, pub table, kegerator, and beer glassware collection. The only concern here is that...
  7. Coastarine

    Is anyone in the area of New Bern or Jacksonville NC?

    I'm moving there! While I regret abandoning the beer culture of Mississippi in almost as piss poor of a state as I found it, I have done all that I can and it is time to move on. I have eared my wings and the Corps in all her wisdom has decided to put me in the cockpit of the AV-8B Harrier...
  8. Coastarine

    Try a splash of scotch in your cider

    It's pretty good, if you like scotch of course. It adds just a bit of smoky flavor. I tried it on a hunch one day and then introduced it to friends at a party. Many have enjoyed it! Naturally, the quality of scotch you use in this is at your discretion. I use Glenlivet because that's my...
  9. Coastarine

    Double-Quarter-Pounder Simcoe IPA (That's 1/2lb for the math challenged)

    I've brewed this several times now and it is ready to be officially shared here. The flavor, color, aroma, mouthfeel, and bitterness are pretty much perfect for me. It has been received by most with rave reviews. While more hops would indeed be fun, I like using half a pound because I buy...
  10. Coastarine

    If you haven't tried a munich smash, you should

    It's darn tasty! I'm calling mine a "SMaSH" with quotation marks because I know many wouldn't consider my recipe to be single malt. I used a little cara-munich to keep it from drying out too much. Here was my recipe: 10lb 12oz Light Munich (10SRM) 8oz Cara-munich (56SRM) 1oz Saaz @ 60 18...
  11. Coastarine

    My beersmith recipes are gone!

    I opened a recipe in beersmith today and the ingredients list is blank. All of my recipes are like this. Closed beersmith, reopened, same thing, did a restart, same deal. Anyone else have this happen?
  12. Coastarine

    I'm beginning to like cider as much as I like beer

    The last cider I made was so popular that the whole 5 gallons was kicked before other beers that had been on tap for weeks before. I've decided that since I like it so much, and everyone else seems to like it so much, I'm going to start alternating beer and cider, so that 3 of my 6 taps will be...
  13. Coastarine

    Imperial cider experiment

    I was telling one of my friends how I make cider from storebought juice, and how I backsweeten with concentrate, and why you can't really do that in the bottle, etc, and we got to talking. Here's the idea: Start with a 5gal carboy with 3 gallons of treetop juice (est OG 1.050). Pitch a...
  14. Coastarine

    Coastarine Coming to St. Louis Jan 29-31.

    Planning on staying a short walk from the Square One brewery and distillery. Going to be free all day on Saturday. What else should I do?
  15. Coastarine

    Found a great website for planning meals/shopping lists

    www.bustameal.com I can't say I ever thought I'd be this impressed by what is basically a glorified recipe website, but I am. Here's the gist: They have a big database of recipes which you browse and add to your list of planned meals. From this, a shopping list is created for you, which is...
  16. Coastarine

    How much beer/ingredients do you keep on hand?

    I just got a shipment of grain today and I counted up. I have 20 different batches in various states ranging from weighed and bagged but uncrushed recipes to nearly kicked kegs, all outlined in my sig down there. It occurred to me that this equates to approximately 6 months worth of beer, and...
  17. Coastarine

    What is the opposite of beer porn?

    A moment of silence please... Don't let this happen to you. I made a quick and easy batch of birch beer after I moved in order to help fill my pipeline. I thought it would be "cool" and "neat". WELL IS THIS COOL? IS THIS NEAT? IS IT?! DON'T YOU DARE LOOK AWAY, DAMMIT! Don't make the...
  18. Coastarine

    What is your experience with peated malt?

    I brewed a wee heavy yesterday and my recipe included a very small amount (<0.5%) of peated malt. As I crushed the grain I could smell the peated malt and it smelled great. I really enjoy scotch and I thought about experimenting with a simple peated ale. I am imagining a simple 5% abv recipe...
  19. Coastarine

    Green Krausen!

    This is my IPA fermenting with pacman. It used 10oz of pellet hops in the 5gal boil (1oz simcoe + 9oz amarillo) and it will also be dry hopped with 2oz of amarillo:
  20. Coastarine

    O NOES! My first unsuccessful brew day.

    After almost two years of brewing it finally happened. I "upgraded" my braid in my MLT last night using some parts from mcmaster carr. The offending part seems to be the expandable SS sleeving 1478T3. The wires that make up the sleeving are VERY fine and tightly braided. This was apparently...