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  1. greenbirds

    Will Kenmore 8.8 fit 3 gallon kegs on the hump?

    I've been looking around at various keezer builds with the Kenmore 8.8 chest freezer, but I haven't seen anyone storing 3 gal cornies on the hump (without a collar). Anyone able to try or measure this? Thanks!
  2. greenbirds

    Florida Hop Stopper for Blichmann kettle

    I'm selling a Hop Stopper (as seen here: http://www.theelectricbrewery.com/hop-stopper) that is configured for use in Blichmann kettles sized 10-30 gals. The diptube slides into the ball valve port for a snug fit. This worked well for my setup as long as I did not recirculate wort in the kettle...
  3. greenbirds

    ~45 ft counterflow chiller

    I am selling a 45 ft counterflow chiller. Not sure of exact length since I bought it from the person who made it, but 12" diameter, so [12" x 3.14 x 14 loops] / 12" = ~45 ft estimated. Won't fit on my single tier rig, so I bought a plate chiller. 3/8" copper tubing with brass compression...
  4. greenbirds

    Quick disconnects, brass -- 14 sets plus 4 extra female

    These are the brass QD's from McMaster-Carr that many use on their Brutus rigs. http://www.mcmaster.com/#6739K59 14 Plugs, Threaded Male Pipe 6739K59 (1/2" NPT threads) 8 Sleeve-Lock Sockets, Straight Barbed 6739K64 (for 1/2" ID hose) 10 Sleeve-Lock Sockets, 90° Barbed 6739K68 (for 1/2" ID...
  5. greenbirds

    Single tap tower with faucet

    This is a tap tower removed from an old Kenmore kegerator that I converted to a fermentation fridge. I believe it is chromed steel, both tower and faucet. To be honest it is not the sexiest specimen out there, but I have replaced all the faucet o-rings and the hose with 8 ft of 3/16" beerline. I...
  6. greenbirds

    Beer went lactic, tastes good, now what?

    Background: I brewed a Belgian wit from extract back on AHA's Big Brew day (May). The liquid wheat malt extract we had on hand must have been old, as it poured a deep amber. Pitched Wyeast 3942 Belgian Wheat from a large slurry our local brewer had propagated. The resulting beer is about 15 SRM...
  7. greenbirds

    Pump n Seal vacuum sealer for mason jars

    This device is used to vacuum seal mason jars. It works quite well for storing pellet or leaf hops. I bought a foodsaver so no longer need this. Comes with the hole punch and about 80 tab-chek sealer strips, which should last you forever, since they're reusable. Details here...
  8. greenbirds

    2 vouchers for free Wyeast cultures

    I would use these, but my LHBS only carries White Labs yeast. Says they are redeemable at any local homebrew shop for a Propagator or Activator. One expires Dec. 31, 2010, the other Dec. 31, 2011. $8 shipped for both, send me a PM. Edit: These have been sold.
  9. greenbirds

    Beer degassing volcano -- why? Plus video.

    In 70+ batches I have never seen this happen. My Scottish 80 Shilling finished fermenting 2 weeks ago (confirmed by hydrometer, tasting, and dropped crystal clear). It has been bubbling slowly and steadily since, what I assumed was CO2 degassing. It has been at 77 F the entire time. The...
  10. greenbirds

    Blackberry melomel advice needed, Oregon puree

    7 months ago I made 5 gallons of mead using wildflower honey. It went from 1.100 to 1.000 using D-47 yeast, for about 13% ABV. I know this is regarded as a sweet to semi-sweet mead yeast, but I guess my OG was low enough to allow this ferment to dryness. It has been sitting in the secondary...
  11. greenbirds

    Lost my mind: brewed IIPA with 16 oz & 13 varieties of hops

    I realized yesterday that there is no way I'm going to use my 8+ lbs of hops (+ a few more lbs from other sources) from hopsdirect before they go bad. So I decided to experiment. Grain 12.00 lb 2-row Pale Malt 1.30 lb Munich 10L 0.40 lb Crystal 20L 0.40 lb Crystal 80L Hops 0.50 oz...
  12. greenbirds

    Is this a check valve?

    Short story: Fully carbonated beer hooked up at 10 PSI @ 35 F. Refrigerator dies, temp rises to 75 F, beer backs up into gas line. I'm not sure if it got into/damaged the regulator? Does this look like a check valve? Haven't seen one like it before. Assuming it is one, and that it's...
  13. greenbirds

    Help me convert my Belgian Dark Strong grain bill into a Dubbel

    I bought the ingredients to brew a dark strong, but I no longer want to wait 6+ months to drink and gift it. I've only brewed lighter Belgians to this point, so I figured I should try a smaller dark Belgian before going hog wild... Here is what I had lined up: 10.00 lb Belgian Pilsner (2...
  14. greenbirds

    So I attempted to culture Sierra Nevada Kellerweis yeast... H2S city

    I pitched 4 bottles worth of dregs into about 50 ml of 1.020 wort with a tiny pinch of Wyeast yeast nutrient. After about 40 hours on a stirplate @ 75 F it began fermenting. Smelled fine. I pitched this into 500 ml of 1.025 wort with another pinch of nutrient. Began fermenting in a few...
  15. greenbirds

    Freshops 2009 harvest is available. And they have citra!

    Prices are not as cheap as Hopsdirect, but it's nice to be able to buy per ounce instead of pound. I'm pretty excited to try out the citra variety, as it's been pretty hyped yet all but impossible to find. Links: http://www.freshops.com
  16. greenbirds

    How much of your mash adjustment salts make it into the boil?

    Let's say I need to increase the calcium content of my mash. My water has 25ppm Calcium and 30ppm sulfate. I'm brewing an IPA, so to boost the calcium I add a calculated amount of gypsum, raising my calcium level to about 95 ppm and sulfate to about 200 ppm. This calcium concentration is good...
  17. greenbirds

    Whirlfloc and Whirlpooling

    I have been attempting to whirlpool my wort for a while without success -- all I ever see after 30 mins is a flat layer of break material that has settled to the bottom 1/4 of my pot, and 1/4 of the wort is too much for me to toss. I normally add a whirlfloc tablet to help the cold break...
  18. greenbirds

    CaCO3 vs NaHCO3 to increase residual alkalinity - tradeoffs?

    So I have a conundrum. I use Palmer's spreadsheet to adjust my (somewhat soft) water. When mashing dark beers I need to up the residual alkalinity to avoid having the pH drop too low. The problem is that adding CaCO3 seems to be about 3 times less effective on a per gram basis at increasing...
  19. greenbirds

    Mold on top of lagering corny keg. How to clean?

    I have been lagering a batch of Munich Helles in a corny in a walk-in refrigerator at my workplace. The walk-in is not dehumidified, and apparently there was some beer splatter on the surface of my keg (probably from purging with the pressure relief valve). Now I have hundreds of little mold...
  20. greenbirds

    English IPA advice

    Not too many tried and true recipes around for English IPA. Here's my go: Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 5.00 gal Boil Size: 5.72 gal Estimated OG: 1.061 SG Estimated Color: 9.6 SRM Estimated IBU: 51.6 IBU Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.0 % Boil Time: 60...