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  1. mmm beer

    Hello all

  2. mmm beer

    Who's doing what over the Holidays

    I am having Christmas here for my family on the 25. Boxing day its to SWMBO parents for dinner. And the part I cant wait for on the 27th we are off to Quebec until the 1st for some snowboarding. Merry Christmas all, hope everyone is having fun through the holidays.:rockin:
  3. mmm beer

    check valves

    Am I supposed to use check valves. I just put my first two kegs into use. I turned the pressure up to 30psi and shook the hell out of them. After I was done I noticed beer in the airlines. It was moving the beer from the higher pressure to the lower as I was shaking them. The beers taste...
  4. mmm beer

    Made my first bad brew

    Well I was off deer hunting and had to leave my brew in the primary for 2 1/2 weeks. I went to put it to secondary today and I had beer vinegar. Well down the drain it went. What went wrong? I posted before I left and was told that it should be fine, it tasted good before I went. Any advise.:(
  5. mmm beer

    2 weeks in primary

    Is two weeks in primary to long? I am going on vacation tomorrow and dont have a spare secondary carboy.Today is day 8 in primary. I wont be able to transfer it until next Sunday. I can rack it off the trub and put it in another plastic 6.5 gal pail but will that be to much airspace.
  6. mmm beer

    Drinking my first hefe

    I had only bottle conditioned this hefe for 5 days but, I was way to impatient to wait any longer. It is awesome I am so damn thrilled with the way it came out. I have brewed at the LHBS before but this is my first one at home, and it is fantastic. A few more days and it should be carbonated...
  7. mmm beer

    how long in secondary

    How long is to long in the secondary? I have no available bottles and Ive been waiting forever for this jacka$$ on ebay to get me my quick disconnects, its my fault I should have read his feedback he is notoriously slow. I have a guinness clone thats been in secondary for two and a half weeks...
  8. mmm beer

    how does this recipe sound

    I had leftovers so I made this up 3.5 lbs of light lme 2.0 lbs of amber lme 1.1 lbs honey 0.5 lbs of crystal 20l 1 oz hallertau at 60min .5 oz of northern brewer at 15min .5 oz of east kent goldings at 15min I put a black ale into secondary just prior to boiling, so I repitched the...
  9. mmm beer

    beer kegs

    are all bmc kegs made from stainless steel. i thought they were made of aluminum? if they are made of stainless then i will be set for my ag setup. the deposits on kegs are cheap here.
  10. mmm beer

    mixing lme and dme

    are lme and dme the same when mixing pound for pound. I will be having leftovers from both lme and dme and want to find the best way to turn these ingedients into something bubbly with a nice hoppy flavour.
  11. mmm beer


    What would happen if i didnt ferment a lager properly? If it was a little warmer or a little colder for periods of time, would it be bad or is is still good beer but without the full lager.
  12. mmm beer

    black ale

    Im brewing AHS black ale right now and it smells great. I also ordered six more kits from AHS and 10# of extract, Holy crap am I in trouble. This is a great new hobby.
  13. mmm beer

    should I top up with water

    I just put two batches to secondary. My carboys arent full to the bottom of the neck . Should I top up with water, I do this with wine but I dont want to make a weak beer. Its a 5 gal carboy .
  14. mmm beer

    Harvesting yeast

    when I started brewing purchaced White Labs yeast. I want to harvest these yeasts for other batches. How? I have to transfer to the secondary tomorrow night and I cant see the difference between trub and yeast because I am using pails for my primary. Am I screwed and should just order more yeast
  15. mmm beer

    How long till fermantation is done

    I just did my first two batches of beer at home, Wednesday I made a Guinness clone and on Thursday I did a wheat ale. I used White Labs pitchable yeast on both batches. My question is how long till fermentation is done? Its only been a few days and I see no more activity in my ferm locks They...
  16. mmm beer


    Im brewing my first batch right now, I have just got it to boil and have added the hops as directed. My question is, do the hops come in 1oz bags as a standard because i was instucted to add 1/2 oz of one type of hops but was given a whole oz is there a mistake. Please hurry I dont have much...
  17. mmm beer


    1 AHS American premium lager 2 AHS American wheat ale 3 Guinness extra stout 4 AHS black ale I am going to brew the Guinness first, then the wheat ale. How long am I supposed to let these age before they will be good to drink, and how long is to long? And can they be aged in the cornie?
  18. mmm beer

    used cornie cleaning

    :rockin: I just got my cornies in and they were under pressure when I got them and they still smell of pop. How do I go about cleaning them do I have to pressurize it with cleaner to get the drip tubes cleaned?
  19. mmm beer

    Hooking up kegs?

    Hello I just got my two cornies and I am not sure how to hook them up when the time is right. There are to spots that look like they are used for big quick disconnects? Where do I get the rest of the setup to hook up my keg to my tap and co2 tank. Thanks Don
  20. mmm beer

    nitro tanks

    I bought a nitro tank because I read its the only way to make a good extra stout. Now the problem is this gas good for other beers or just the guinness and cream ales? I have access to CO2 tanks and extra regs due to my work so spending the money is not a problem...