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  1. sivdrinks

    Anyone brew with hop hash?

    I have three of the sample bags (4.2 grams)of Hash Session from Sweetwater and wanna brew with them but have no idea what 4.2 grams of hash would equal in ounces. I emailed them but didn't get a response, thoughts?
  2. sivdrinks

    Muntons Marris Otter blend?

    Got a sack of Muntons Marris Otter the other day only to notice at home it's a blend with 50% Pale Malt. Not real happy about it considering it was $72 but it's the only "Marris Otter" they had. Anyone know more about this? Why would they do it? Are the grains spliced together or there actually...
  3. sivdrinks

    Will this oxidize my beer?

    Hey all. Our homebrew club is doing a barrel project, a bunch of us are making identical Imp Stouts and then transporting to a common site to rack into the bourbon barrel. If we as homebrewers are taught to be careful racking our beers to as not to oxidize them how will driving my beer, sloshing...
  4. sivdrinks

    Equal parts Munich/Vienna/Pils?

    I guess this could fall under Vienna Lager or Marzen but I'm planning to pitch with Notty around 62, want something quick. Anyone use 1/3 of each in a beer with ale yeast? Wondering if it'll be too sweet. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  5. sivdrinks

    2014 NHC question

    I can't find where it says how many beers to ship out for the first round, only that they'll want 3 more if you advance. Does that mean 3? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  6. sivdrinks

    Stone 17

    Its not listed but does anyone else think that it's bittered with Polaris? I taste that "clacier candy".
  7. sivdrinks

    Thoughts on this session recipe?

    Want to chip away at some of my small amount grains, never used Melanoid before. Have lots of hops. Doing this in a couple hours unless someone sees something really wrong. http://hopville.com/recipe/1691708
  8. sivdrinks

    Good price for G.I. co2 cartridges?

    These things are expensive so I got a case of 30 of eBay (not Genuine Innovations) and of course they don't fit in the G.I. dispenser. Bought the unthreaded, too big to fit inside the dispenser threads.
  9. sivdrinks


    I have what looks like dried paint chips in my secondary of a smoked porter. I kegged and bottled anyway because it tasted fine. One of the six bottles has the paint looking stuff floating at the top of the bottle, the others are fine. Any thoughts? Not sure how to post a pix on my phone.
  10. sivdrinks

    BJCP Category?

    Trying to showcase Nelson and Pacific Jade hops, thought a red ale vibe with a little IPA would work. If this is good what category would it be? http://hopville.com/recipe/1679042
  11. sivdrinks

    Need advice, brew pub equipment

    Long story short. A bar wants to go the next step and make and sell beer. A half barrel of "house beer" would sell very fast even if it was mediocre just because of the customer volume. What's the best brewing system for someone who needs to produce volume without being a brewery?
  12. sivdrinks

    Whats the current Nugget Nectar recipe?

    Lots of threads with different grain bills. I believe the one with Pilsner as the main base as opposed to Vienna.
  13. sivdrinks

    Flip my Hefe keg?

    Was thinking about flipping my keg of Hefe so some of the yeast gets back into circulation and I get some more of the fresh flavor back. Any of you guys do this?
  14. sivdrinks

    Anyone use Pilsner in a Porter?

    My buddy wants a Yuengling Black and Tan clone. It's basically their Porter and Lager mixed together. I was thinkin about using Pilsner as half the base malt with 2 Row (4 pounds each). Recipe below. If it looks a bit thrown together it's because I have all the ingredients and he's not expecting...
  15. sivdrinks

    Can i get clove from WB06?

    Ferment low?
  16. sivdrinks

    Do i need trub to ferment?

    After seeing something go into my carboy I thought suspicious I decided to to re-rack my wort into another carboy. Being that it was in the fridge chilling down it dropped out all the break material, I tranfered without sucking any of this up. I pitched a slurry from the bottom of a finished...
  17. sivdrinks

    Where to get beer in Myrtle Beach?

    Heading down there middle of August and was wondering where to go in the Garden City area to buy craft beer. Any good beer bars you know of would be hood too. I know there's a Liberty brewery/restaurant at Broadway at the Beach but that's all I know. Not sure what brands are shipped to SC...
  18. sivdrinks

    Is this partigyle brewing?

    I'm making a KBS clone soon and want to reuse the spent grains to get another 2.5/3 gallon batch of beer. I BIAB in a keggle, no sparge full volume. I'm trying to get an estimate on what the second beers OG will be. Most info I read on partigyle brewing is kinda backwards from what I'm doing, a...
  19. sivdrinks

    Refractometer and hydrometer different

    Calibrated my refractometer with room temp RO water before my brew day. At the end of brewing it was reading 7 points higher than my hydrometer. What is the proper way to pull a sample and from where? Can I do it from the boiling wort?
  20. sivdrinks

    Is all RO water the same?

    IF I'm using RO spring water do I need to treat it or does the RO process make it highly acceptable?