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  1. Loweface

    Gift Delivery in CT

    Hey, I'm looking to send a present to an old friend in CT but am much to far to visit... Can anyone suggest a good online company that does gift deliveries in CT? Only thing I can find locally are florists. Any suggestions beer related or otherwise welcome... :mug: Cheers Loweface
  2. Loweface

    What would you make with a 1/2 keg?

    Like this one?
  3. Loweface

    Hotel in DC with Parking

    Can anybody recommend a hotel in Washington with parking? Going to be there for most of the weekend?
  4. Loweface

    Help me drain a keg....

    I have a keg of cider that is very tart. Too tart almost. Faced with the option of "cutting" it with apple juice each time I pour off a drink I am just going to get rid of it by feeding it to my friends at a bbq one of them is throwing. My current idea is to backsweeten with apple juice to...
  5. Loweface

    SS Beer Line

    Is there such a thing as Stainless Steel Beer Line? What would be the pro's and con's? I've used stainless steel gas line to pipe various gases in the lab, does anyone use similar for the beer line?
  6. Loweface

    Brewing Podcasts

    I know there are several podcasts available on-line such as Basic Brewing, the Jamil Show, Brew Strong etc. You can download all these from their relative sites but it can be quite slow. Does anyone know of an easier way to archive / backdate the podcast like a complete collection by torrent...
  7. Loweface

    Camera Challenge

    So... :o I have a Nikon Coolpix L16 with a broken display. It snowed a few minutes ago, and since we get snow about once or twice a year (for like 15min) I grabbed it and went for a walk. I didn't realise there was no card in it :mad: and now I need to transfer the photos from internal...
  8. Loweface

    Beer Porn: with a European flavour...

    I've changed this thread in the hope of getting the popular opinion on beer collecting. Do people actually collect beers or collect the number different of beers they've tasted? Basically beer isn't cheap here and I've started to amass a few different bottles, and people have started giving...
  9. Loweface

    No Beer or Bacon !!!

    A few days ago I woke with terrible pain in my jaw. Turned out to be an infection in the gum where my wisdom tooth was half broken through. A course of antibiotics now means no beer... Now to make matters worse there has been a country wide product recall on ALL Irish pork products! Thus no...
  10. Loweface

    First Recipe - Porter

    This is my first attempt to come up with a recipe, but I have already ordered the ingredients so not likly to make massive changes (but I'll still ask anyway... :o) Is it a mini mash or am I steeping grains???? 1.5 Kg Amber Liquid Malt Extract (3.3lbs) 1.5 Kg Pale Liquid Malt Extract (3.3...
  11. Loweface

    Brew Schedule

    There are regular threads based on seasonal brews, when to start them and if it's too late to start in time for x event. It got me thinking can we get a list together. (I know this has been attempted/done but can't find the link) *Disclaimer* I am in no way qualified to put a list like...
  12. Loweface

    -321F to 1652F

    Today I have worked with a temperature scale of -192C (Liquid Nitrogen) to 900C (Volatile's experiment) in college... :rockin: You thought temperature control was important in brewing!!! :cross: I need a beer... :o
  13. Loweface

    Going to Hamburg

    Hey All, I'm off to Hamburg for the weekend. :) Any beer related suggestions? Thanks :mug:
  14. Loweface

    Pioneer Hops

    Has anyone used Pioneer Hops before? I thinking that because it says they are dual purpose hops that I can make an extract batch with 4-5 equal hop additions of the single variety to really see what they are like. I just don't want to end up with 5 gallons of crap beer... :o So anybody...
  15. Loweface

    The new US dollar bill

    Just thought you would enjoy this...
  16. Loweface

    Carbing 1 Gallon in a 5 Gallon Corny

    Pro's / Con's ??? I'm thinking more for sodas or for small batches of cider or fruit wines. How does the (much) larger head space effect the carbonation process? Does it help or hinder?
  17. Loweface

    De-Acidifying Lemons

    I made a lemon/lime malted hard lemonade thingy awhile back and it is FAR too acidic. Any suggestions for reducing it to a drinkable level. I don't think backsweetening is a real option as it would only mask the acid and I predict this would shred your stomach like you just swallowed a cat...
  18. Loweface

    You guys have been busy...

    I was away for the weekend and I come home to find the new posts button maxs out at 500 posts... Could only spend a few minutes before logging off to go to a meeting and this morning there are almost 300 fresh posts!!! I got a lot of work to do today cause of the long weekend off so can't...
  19. Loweface

    Cooking with Garlic and Chile Wine

    So as many of you have seen I've been making a Garlic and Chillie Wine, mostly to cook with. Last week I bottled it and brought some over to Orfy promising to cook something with it and post here, so without much to add... Tonights dinner: I marinaded the sliced chicken in a bottle...
  20. Loweface

    Going to Liverpool

    Hey All I'm catching a cheap flight to Liverpool (€20) next weekend... Anyone been? Recommend good places to go/see/drink? Kinda funny that I be asking a group that for the most part are 15 times further from my destination than I am...