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    North Carolina SOLD - Ss Brewtech FTSs (Cooling)

    If there's a heat plug it would be easy to add that function with a pad or a belt.
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    North Carolina SOLD - Ss Brewtech FTSs (Cooling)

    You can circulate warm water through this to heat also according to their website. Just not both at the same time.
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    Corny Keg actual volume redux

    While it's pretty easy to keep track pin locks cannot be hooked up backwards.
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    Ninja vs Unicorn Clone

    Dry hopped for four days in the primary after seven days of fermentation then to keg.
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    Ninja vs Unicorn Clone

    Thanks to DrWill I was able to do a head to head with my beer and NvU. Mine is clearer but the color is very close. The aroma and taste of mine leans towards citrus (grapefruit and orange) where the NvU has the citrus plus mango and more malt. Mine is drier but is a very similar beer. I think...
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    Ninja vs Unicorn Clone

    Good luck on your batch. Looking forward to your results.
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    Ninja vs Unicorn Clone

    To me it has a mild, fruity sweetness, with plenty of bitterness to balance. Very dry with a super clean finish.
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    Ninja vs Unicorn Clone

    Pipeworks website lists the malts, hops and that they use a dextrose (corn sugar) adjunct. I searched for a NvU knock off recipe and found one that was close to the one I used. The beer is pretty light in color, has little malt in the flavor and it's cloudy for a commercial beer so the high % of...
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    Ninja vs Unicorn Clone

    Here's a picture of my version.
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    Ninja vs Unicorn Clone

    NVU is not available where I live. Sadly, I brought home one 4 pack and they've been gone for several weeks.
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    Ninja vs Unicorn Clone

    It's great and I'm getting rave reviews from my friends although they have not tried NVU. The aroma is great, very tropical and there's a very smooth, grapefruit/pithy bitterness. I'm going to brew again and dial the bittering hops down 10% or so but leave the rest as is. The color's spot on...
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    Ninja vs Unicorn Clone

    I brewed my version of Pipeworks Ninja vs Unicorn. I bought some a few months ago when I was in Chicago and was very impressed. It's a great summertime or anytime double IPA. This is for a five gallon batch. Batch Size: 5 gallons Estimated Original Gravity: 1.071 Estimated Final Gravity: 1.012...
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    New to kegging, connection help!

    You have a sankey connector which attaches to regular, commercial kegs. You need to replace it with gas in and liquid out ball lock connectors. They are available from multiple vendors. If you have a local home brew show they will likely stock them...
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    Missouri GABF Two Tickets Sat 9/26 5:30PM

    Transfer from my TicketMaster account to yours or I can print and ship. $150 OBO for both The attachment is a copy of my receipt.
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    Hops used the most?

    When I started a year or so I ago it was almost all Cascade. They are easy to find, not expensive and make great beer. I then went to Citra. They are harder to find, expensive and make great beer. I have make a few beers with several hop varieties and the complexity also makes great beer. I've...
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    beer looks like grapefruit juice...is it normal?

    Most of my IPAs clear but I've done batches of Zombie Dust that have stayed cloudy to the end.
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    Craft beer search?

    Depending on your route and your beer preference. A couple you should look for: Ozark Beer Co. Rogers, AR, small micro making some extremely good beer. The owner worked at Goose Island and is passionate about his craft. http://ozarkbeercompany.com Mother's Brewery Springfield, MO, growing...
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    Beverage air not cooling

    As stated replace the condensor fan (the one you tested). It runs when the compressor runs and the unit cannot cool without that fan running. Also, there's an evaporator fan that should run all the time. It's inside the cooling box behind a metal cover.
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    Kilts and the brewers who wear them

    I wore this one for my good friend's wedding. He's from Scotland and you can guess from my name that I have Scottish heritage. His family came across for the event and the kilts were aplenty.
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    170 Year Old Beer

    Anybody seen this article? It looks like sours where in vogue long before the current trend. http://gizmodo.com/what-a-170-year-old-beer-uncovered-in-a-shipwreck-reall-1689446524?utm_campaign=socialflow_gizmodo_facebook&utm_source=gizmodo_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow