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  1. redraider629

    Texas fridge with 2 taps and 2 kegs

    Hello all, we are moving to Austin and I don't have room for my beer fridge. It is a fridge, with two corny kegs, two taps in the door of the fridge, a co2 tank and all the hoses and regulator. I live in Arlington TX, and will sell it all for $50. I attached the picture of the fridge below...
  2. redraider629

    another baby thread

    SWMBO and I just found out we are having another boy. This is our second. He is measuring a little big, both my son and I are tall so that is to be expected. Now we just need to settle on a name. A couple we were thinking about is Landon or Logan.
  3. redraider629

    Looking for advice

    On what to brew this weekend. I just can't decide on what to brew this weekend. And I thought who better to help me than the fine people at HBT. My kegs are empty so I need to refill them. I have a Pumpkin ale and a Hop Rod Rye clone conditioning. So I do not want an IPA. I want to brew...
  4. redraider629

    Forgot the priming sugar.

    Well I bottled my Wit, and realized about an hour and a half later I forgot my priming sugar. Well I re sanitized everything and am fixing to re bottle the beer, with the sugar. At least I realized it now and not a month down the road.
  5. redraider629

    Strike and Sparge water?

    Are you going to use the same amount of water, 1.25qt/lb, for both the strike water and sparge water? I am going to begin AG and that is the only thing that is really confusing me.
  6. redraider629

    going to New york City...

    and was thinking about hitting up the brooklyn brewery for a tour. Are there any other good breweries, or pubs that I need to go to?
  7. redraider629

    AHS Coffee Malt Stout

    I was thinking about making a batch of this and was wondering if anyone else has made it, and what they thought of it. Austin Homebrew Supply
  8. redraider629

    quick question about Co2 tanks

    Will a 5 # co2 tank be fine for two kegs?