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    All Grain Brown ALe - John Palmer Elevensees

    Thanks for quick response. Does 20 IBU sound right for Brown Ale.....?? I looked up profile and range is 15-35...so i will go with 20 IBU since the 1.0 oz of hops they gave me is all I have and tha tis the max i will get for 60 min boil
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    All Grain Brown ALe - John Palmer Elevensees

    Brewing this tomorrow...it is a kit from Northern Brewer. When I enter this into Beersmith I have the following differences from what the kit specifies: 1) O.G. for me with my efficiency is only 1.040 versus the 1.045 called for O.G. No issue, I can add a little light DME to get gravity where...
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    The Walking dead

    It's gotten to be too unrealistic....aside from the zombies of course...lol
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    3 word story

    his bloody tool
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    Rectangular Mash Tun versus Round

    I have been using a homemade rectangular cooler as a mash tun. I get different mash temp readings in different places in the cooler....I am sure because of the non-symmetry of the cooler and heat transfer. (i.e. corners for example) I assume a round mash tun will give a more consistent...
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    Stuck Sparge - Round Cooler With False Bottom

    Grain was crushed to fine possibly. Still seems weird you only got a few ounces before it stuck. Silly question....you didn't have the lid on did you. That would create a vacuum possibly preventing flow
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    drank my first homebrew yesterday, difference in bottles

    I always left mine 3 weeks to bottle condition......2 weeks was borderline....3 weeks always got it done.....you may want to take them out of fridge and let them go another week at room temperature....give each bottle a little shake to wake up the yeast
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    HELP!!!! Bottle Conditioning Flat Beer

    After fermentation you should boil a cup of water and add corn sugar to it. pour corn sugar water into bottling bucket then rack your beer into bottling bucket. Stir GENTLY to mix up sugar in beer. Bottle your beer.....then place beer in house somewhere.....70F temps are good. You did not...
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    Very high OG

    Your mash efficiency was probably about 80% based on your grain bill and wort volume. (rough estimate assuming 36 points of gravity potential per lb of grain / gallon water) This can be explained probably from milling of grains twice. I typically have an efficiency of 70% on my setup....but...
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    I've got the bug

    Helibrewer has good advice.. This is exactly how I calibrated my AG equipment before my first batch. Used my "dry run" to determine boil off rate and also cooler heat extraction from water for hittin gpropoer mash temp. Not sure....maybe others can give better answer but if you do 1 gallon in...
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    0/4 brewing

    First of all getting a fermentation chamber with temp control to lower your temps is key....which you have done! As far as OG.....this happened to me when I started brewing one time and the guys on here helped me immediately realize my "error". After you sparge and before taking your OG...
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    Best capper for 20 gallons of bottles?

    One word....especially for 20 gallons of beer.....KEGS! :D
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    Sanitizer less-foamy than starsan?

    Don't fear the foam! Starsan is a no rinse sanitizer. The foam is NOT a big deal or an issue! IMHO if you rinse with water after sanitizing you risk the possibility of desanitizing by introducing microbes in water...probably unlikely but still
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    Need Advice ASAP

    Pre Boil Gravity came in good at 1.030.....was expecting 1.032 with 7.2 gallons......so its right on target for larger volume. Mash efficiency of 73%.....right in my normal range
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    Need Advice ASAP

    Taking pre boil gravity reading as soon as sample cools...... THis is good....extends my brew day by 30 minutes! ;lol
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    Need Advice ASAP

    SO you are saying my plan is good? :mug:
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    Need Advice ASAP

    Brewing Biermuncher Centenniel Blonde. My pre-boil volume should have been 7.2 gallons for my setup. It is actually 7.7. Never missed my volumes by this much before. Anyway....my plan is to boil 30 minutes to evaporate 1/2 gallon......then that will be the starting point of what should be my...
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    Serving homebrew beer for a benefit legality

    Im sure it depends on local ordnances/laws. Obviously cannot sell it. I have a friend here in PA that is starting a Brew Pub and he would serve his home-brews for free at the York City First Friday Events (they would close down part of York City for basically a street party) and that was totally...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing today......Dead Ringer IPA. It's been a while and I feel shameful. Brew time starts promptly at 1:30PM in my garage on this gorgeous day.