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  1. kush

    Bayou Classic Propane Cooker - 185,000 BTU's $49.95?!?!

    I found this burner at http://store.homebrewheaven.com/shared/StoreFront/product_detail.asp?RowID=1480&ShowQuestions=True&CS=hombre#Questions for this price. The burner name matches the one at home depot for about the same price but the home depot one states it has 60k btu. Is there any truth...
  2. kush

    First Kegging

    Im pretty stoked b/c a few days ago I kegged my first two batches. Today was the day that I got to kick-back my tasty brews. I would like to say thanks to the members of this community that gave me the knowledge to take my first step. I raise my first glass to you guys! :mug: Cheers,
  3. kush

    Shipping problems...Is it just me?

    So i ordered a lot parts to extend my kegerator's storing capabilities. They were supposed to arrive today. They did....apparently from UPS's point of view. Came home from work to an empty door step. So i checked online with my tracking # and it said that they delivered it to my house. Keep in...
  4. kush

    Polish brew mimic idea...please help

    Since I live down in Houston and the only place that I know to get Zywiec is up north either in Chicago (Polish capital for US) or Pittsburgh; I would like to brew a similar beer to be able to drink. Here is a little info on the Polish beer Zywiec if you are unfamiliar with it: It is a pale...
  5. kush

    Kegerator Size?

    I have this kegerator that i bought when I was in college. I want to bottle in 5g kegs and want to know how many would fit in here? I know that it will fit a 15.5 g keg. So i figured that it should fit at least 3- 5g kegs. I just wasnt sure if the 5g kegs had too large of a packaging size. Any...
  6. kush

    Hefeweizen - low krausen?

    I started my hefeweizen on the 20th (yesterday) and it seemed it got a slow start I guess. The photo below is after like 27 hours. Is this too low of a krausen? Should it be larger? Should I be worried?
  7. kush

    SG off from FG

    I was stoked today b/c it was day 7 in the primary. I came home from work cleaned up and sanitized the equipment for the rack to the secondary. I took a FG reading to make sure everything was ready to go and it was 1.016 (My OG was 1.050). FG is ranged from 1.008-1.013. So Im guessing this means...
  8. kush

    Now Im offically a brewer! But one small problem: Temp Control

    Last night was the first time that ive brewed. Everything went as planned and was a success, as for as I know. The only thing that I ran into is keeping the temperature down for the fermenter. I would like to stay away from making my house one expensive refrigerator. Since I live in houston we...
  9. kush

    Black Betty Brewing -- Opinions and Suggestions Please

    This is a prototype for my bottle labels. Im going to change the name of the brew for each beer that I make. Thanks for the input.
  10. kush

    Water Salts

    Im brewing my first batch tomorrow (english brown ale) and I have a pur water purifier that I was going to use to filter the water. Would this be necessary to add Burton Water Salts to my boil before the steeping of the specialty grains?
  11. kush


    I took the g/f to a brewery/restaurant today for some food and brew sampling. I found out that her favorite beer is an unfiltered wheat ale, which we both love. Which leads to my next question. Can someone give me a link to brew an unfiltered beer? Also, can you brew an unfiltered beer using...
  12. kush

    Equipment--What is this?

    I ordered this kit and was wondering what is this blue thing? Thanks.
  13. kush

    Woohoo! Almost a brewer!

    I know I said that no one was going to change my mind and I was going to start off with brewing all grain right off the bat. Well.....I stand corrected (going with malt extract). Last night I ordered my first brew equipment from Northern Brewer and here they are: Deluxe Starter Kit...
  14. kush

    All grain brewing kit

    Hello all! Im looking to skip extract and go directly to all grain. Yes i know i should probably start at an easier step, but i pick up on things really fast and no one is going to talk me out of it. Back to the subject: I am looking at this kit to brew all grain...