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  1. Wheat King

    no specialty grains --> used a bunch of oatmeal instead

    so here's my story, please tell me if im crazy. i bought a Honey Weizen kit online from Northern Brewer (I think). i waited about a month before brewing due to circumstances outside of my control (ie Im lazy). when i went to add my grains, i realized i couldnt find them / i did not receive...
  2. Wheat King

    gift label - schwarzwald stout

    so heres a label i did today for my next brew, which i plan to give away along with my pumpkin ale (in 2ndary) as a christmas gift. im calling it schwarzwald (black forest <---correct me please if i am incorrect) stout as it will be a double chocolate cherry stout. seems some of you folks...
  3. Wheat King

    no more bubbles

    yo what up fellas ive been on this board for awhile, and ive done about 7 batches to date. i KNOW this question has been answered before but i just havent found the appropriate thread in my research. and ive seen a lot of 'i hate n00b questions' threads out lately O_o so i hesitate to ask...
  4. Wheat King

    pitching yeast too soon???

    I've brewed a few batches already, but have a question based on a potential mistake i made last night. I brewed a Belgian Wit, smelled yummy, but while i was cooling my wort in my bathtub ice bath i realized i had forgotten to remove my liquid yeast from the fridge. so i pulled it out...
  5. Wheat King

    time in bottling bucket

    hey guys. i bottled a vanilla cream ale tonite, and had a question. after pouring in my priming solution, and siphoning in my beer from secondary, i had about 45 minutes when i was unable to bottle. is there any negatie effect of leaving the beer in the botling bucket for this amount of time...
  6. Wheat King


    Just thought i would raise a pint (Scotch Ale: my 3rd batch and best to date lol) to my brethren here at HomeBrewTalk.com in honor of the season and whatnot. Thanks for the help, wisdom, and laughs...and to a ****en great hobby. Happy Holidays! :mug: :drunk: :mug:
  7. Wheat King

    Gingerbread Ale Label

    label for my first spiced beer, a Gingerbread Ale. Its going to be a hang-tag type label so i'll punch a hole near the top and tie some twine through it. considering a standard label too, stuck on the bottle, but have had bad experiences with getting labels to stick effectively. going to try...
  8. Wheat King

    twist off = bad!!!

    is there a way to tell if a bottle is twist-off or not while on the shelf??? i try to buy bottles that arent twist (obviously) but sometimes get an unfortunate surprise when i go to drink. is there some sort of master list out there of twist and nontwist bottles? or an easy way to tell???
  9. Wheat King

    I want to Keg!...but

    Hey there sorry if this is a repost I'm interested in going down the path of kegging... however, i'll probably be living in an apartment for a few more years, and dont have room to refridgerate full-size kegs. so my questions are: How small do kegs come? Is there any drawback to or...
  10. Wheat King

    Bottling Gingerbread Ale - Priming Sugar?

    Hey guys and gals, In a couple weeks i'll be bottling myGingerbread Ale. I have corn sugar, but wanted to throw in some molasses for extra flavor. i came across a recipe online that suggested using molasses for 1/2 of the priming solution. usually my kits call for 3/4 cup corn sugar...
  11. Wheat King

    Scotc Ale Label

    This is a work in progress label im doing for my recently bottled Scotch Ale. I'm printing it greyscale on yellow ( was hoping for more of a parchment color :\ oh well ) label paper i threw into my shopping cart at Northern Brewer, hence the coloration. Im not satisfied with it yet, but since...
  12. Wheat King

    Holiday Gingerbread Beer - need recipe help

    My Scotch Ale is in my secondary right now, so this weekend i am planning to brew another batch to fill my primary. my plan is to finally accumulate a small stockpile of homebrew so i always have a variety of beer to choose from. i have had to restrain myself from finishing off my Porter Ale...
  13. Wheat King

    first time using secondary...few mistakes & Q's

    well i racked my Scotch Ale (3rd batch ever) from my primary Ale pale to my new 6.5 gallon Glass Carboy. I made a few mistaks and just wanted some input as to how much, if any impact they should have on my beer. 1.) when i started my siphon, i forgot to clear out all of the sanitized...
  14. Wheat King


    Hey everyone, I'm headed to Huntington Beach for Oktoberfest tonight, just wondering if any of you folks had plans to do something similar. The place has Hoegaarden White on tap :mug: which i'm definitely looking forward to. I also plan to eat plenty of sausages and sauerkraut and...
  15. Wheat King

    Instructions confusion (for ME anyway)

    i have a kit for a Scotch Ale that i havent had a chance to get started on, but decided to open it up and check out all the ingredients etc. So i was reading the included instructions and the first couple steps were boggling to me. here they are, any help is appreciated: 1. Steep Grains in...
  16. Wheat King

    plastic bucket vs glass carboy

    i KNOW this must have been discussed before...in fact i think i may have read a thread covering the subject, but after much searching i can't find the answers i want. :confused: right now i only have 1 fermenting bucket. for my next batch, i thought i'd try getting a secondary fermenter...
  17. Wheat King

    Keep Refrigerated

    So I bottled my Porter Ale this weekend, and decided to get started on my next kit to keep a good rotation going. It's a Scotch Ale (Wee Heavy) from O'Shea's in Laguna Niguel. Well, tonight I opened up the sealed bag of ingredients and had a look at what I was dealing with. Read the...
  18. Wheat King

    Another mistake, airlock on fermenter

    Hey sorry for the n00b question, but i figured Beginner's Forum was the place to ask it. When i placed my airlock, i forgot to put water (sanitized) into the little plastic chamber. :drunk: now its half full of wort/beer and bubbling away. so my question is: is it too late? is my beer...
  19. Wheat King

    2nd batch...boilover in brewpot

    so i turned my back on my brewpot, with the lid offset to avoid the boilover. well, it boiled over anyway. it was probably 5 minutes from the end of my boil, if that makes a difference. can anyone tell me if my beer is tuined? there seems to be a significantly less amount of wort left in my...