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  1. blowmax10

    Brewing some apple wine

    I made a batch of apple wine on Monday and decided to make a youtube video Check it out and tell me what you think 6yLN159NnmI Sorry I tried to get it to embed but failed
  2. blowmax10

    Cold crashing on Yeast cake

    Hello all, I'm sitting here drinking a basic pale ale that I made - I made 3 ten gallon batches of the same recipe to experiment a bit, this is batch #2 This one has a real earthy note to it and I'm wondering if it is because I cold crashed in the primary fermenter for a week before I...
  3. blowmax10

    Vacuum sealer discussion

    I just got a vacuum sealer for free from a friend - are there any down sides to using it on hops and possibly to extend the life of uncrushed specialty grains?
  4. blowmax10

    Sanitizing Sugar

    I'm telling a friend how to make a cheap apple wine - I can't remember at what temp I sanitized my sugar or for how long I want to say 170 for 20min? Does that sound right? I was told not to bring it to a boil because I would make a syrup
  5. blowmax10

    Pressure Canner

    Hey guys, We just bought a 23-quart pressure caner/cooker for canning stews and such I would love to hear everyone's ideas for ways it could be used in the brew house Like maybe canning wort for yeast starters? :mug:
  6. blowmax10

    Do you think I can mash this much grain

    I've mashed 25#'s of grain in my 10 gallon igloo cooler before. Do you guys think 28#'s is too ambitious?? Thanks
  7. blowmax10

    Dumb Question

    Do I need to mill flaked wheat?? I'm thinking no just looking at it
  8. blowmax10

    Adjusting air flow on burners

    here is a stupid question, The shroud on the air intake on my burner is adjustable, what does the adjustment do and how do I know that it needs adjusted?
  9. blowmax10

    Using hop bags for the first time

    I've had an issue with my new 10 gallon setup in that I transfer 100% of my hop material to the fermenter - I know there are other ways of getting around this but I'm lazy and figured I would give hop bags a go. My question is; will there be a change in hop utilization and do I need to adjust...
  10. blowmax10

    No activity after 36 hours

    I'm doing a batch with Lager yeast and have no experience with it I did a 2000ml starter for 24 hours split between 2 five gallon carboys. The starter looked a little slow but I thought it was just because it was a new yeast that I have never used before. I'm not seeing any activity in...
  11. blowmax10

    Drunk of the week

    So my GF has won Drunk of the week not once but twice now DOTW #1 DOTW #2 she might just win DOTY!! I don't know whether to support her or be jealous of her
  12. blowmax10

    Chloramine in water

    I've have a problem with a harsh flavor in my beer. I've been lwaning more and more towards the water being the source of the problem. I've been unable to find a good water report form the water company but i did find out that they use Chloramine in their water. I have a brita filter on my...
  13. blowmax10

    I've got a theory...

    So I've noticed that as I age my beers in the keg over a week or two they get better and better - I think a lot of this has to do with things falling out of the beer. Now listen to this theory, One of the reasons that it does get better overtime is because I'm drinking from the bottom of...
  14. blowmax10

    Figuring out dilution rate

    So I'm trying to make a calculator that will tell me what My gravity would be if I stopped my sparge at any given point and just topped off with water Lets say I had 4 gallons of wort in my kettle at 1.075 how do I calculate what the gravity would be if I added 2 gallons of water at 1.000...
  15. blowmax10

    Which beer Gun?

    So I'm in the market for a gun to fill bottles from my kegs. I've messed with the cobra head with a racking tube and a stopper but really wasn't too happy with my craftsmanship. I'm looking at the beer gun that Northern Brewers sells and the Counter pressure bottle filler that More Beer sells...
  16. blowmax10

    Late hopping with high Alpha hops

    So I've always heard that you shouldn't use high alpha hops for late kettle additions - My question is why not? Is it just a matter of wasting the more expensive hops or will the higher alpha give you some off flavors?? A friend of mine and I split a pound at Galena and I was wondering...
  17. blowmax10

    Trying to start a club in Joplin Missouri

    I've randomly ran into a few people around the net from my area and would like to start some sort of a brewing club in the Joplin Area If anyone wants more info, please check out this blog that I have started http://joplinhomebrewclub.blogspot.com/
  18. blowmax10

    Rice Hull storage

    I just got a bag of rice hulls to help with my sparge - is there anything special that I need to do to them to store them? Can I just leave them in the bag and put them in the cabinet? I know its a dumb question but I just want to make sure
  19. blowmax10

    What size false bottom

    What size false bottom should I buy for a 10 gallon cooler? I'm going to buy the one that home depot sales the 9,19, or 12??
  20. blowmax10

    What is a good way to cut the top out of a keg

    I have a saws-all but I think the blade is too big to make a circular cut and with the handle around the top, I don't think my jig saw will do the trick How have the rest of you tackled this problem??