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    FT Tired Hands Only Void and Single Origin Version

    Got plenty of tired hands only voids (regular and single origin Ethiopian coffee versions) for trade, exclusively looking for BB Swish (Oct 2016) release (to be released in a couple days), send PM if interested, cheers
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    Hop and Fruit Glycosides Anyone?

    No end in mind here other than looking to wake up the interesting subject of hop glycosides as I don't see much homebrewing traction out there despite all the evidence. Wanted to revisit this subject as I got a hint from one of the top (smallest and fastest growing) juicy IPA craft breweries in...
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    FT Tired Hands Mango Double Milkshake IPA

    Fresh Mango Double Milkshake IPA cans from the release today at the brewery. Looking for Monkish Atomically and I Never Sleep IPAs. PM if you have those beers...
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    FT: Sole Ales Simcoe Nerd and Juicebox NE IPAs

    Few Juicebox North East IPA cans still available from the release about 3 weeks ago and fresh Simcoe Nerds (Turbo Nerd variant) from today's can release at the brewery. These beers are taking NEPA craft beers to a new level. Strictly looking for fresh heady, treehouse eureka and bissel brothers...
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    FT: Tired Hands Limited Peach and Blackberry Milkshakes

    Fresh from the brewery can release yesterday, most of it is already reserved for friends but willing to trade any remaining. Since this is very limited will strictly trade for Mikerphone Sauce, Julius, King Julius, Sap, or Green.
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    FT: Tired Hands Limited Passion Fruit and Lychee Milkshake IPAs

    Fresh from the limited can release yesterday at the brewery, looking for heady, julius, king julius, eureka, bb substance, maine brews, and trillium, also open to any other nationwide brews as well depending on offering
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    FT: Tired Hands HopHands and Alien Church

    Just got 2 fresh Tired Hands cases today from the can release at the brewery. Looking for: anything Tree House -- Eureka, Julius, KJulius, Green, Sap, anything Trillium, Maine Brewing, and of course Heady Topper. Will include Hopslam 2016 cans with the right trade, PM me if interested
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    FT: Hopslam 2016 for NE Brews

    Willing to exchange Hopslam 2016 cans for NE brews (Tree House, Trillium, Maine BC, Vermont Brews), rules TBD based on offer, please reply if interested