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    Mugwort & breakfast stout

    I've read how mugwort was used to bitter beer before people started using hops, and I'm interested in trying to brew a beer with just mugwort instead of hops. The problem is I don't know how much mugwort should be used in a beer. If I wanted to replace the hops in a recipe with mugwort how...
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    Horrible efficiency, and I don't know why

    4 days ago I brewed a brown ale and ended up with an OG of 1.034 when I was shooting for an OG of 1.046. I accidently mashed way too high, and assumed that must have been the problem, but tonight I just brewed a porter, and made sure I kept the mash temperture at 150F, and I still ended up with...
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    Grainy brown ale

    I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the beginner's forum, but I have had a newcastle clone in bottles for over 2 and a half months, and it still has this strong grainy taste to it, but it has a nice malty finish. Now I'm sure if I just wait long enough that taste will eventually...
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    Do tannins go away?

    If you accidently extract a bunch of tannins into your beer does it ever condition out? Right now my beer is tasting bitter and grainy.
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    Beer yeast in mead.

    I'm sure this a dumb question, but has anyone ever tried making a mead with a beer yeast like nottingham? And what were the results? I'm thinking about making a mead, but the only yeast I have left is a packet of nottingham, and my local homebrew shop is a bit far for just a packet of wine yeast.
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    Overpitching and sulphurous smell + taste

    I recently made some 2 gallon all-grain batches, but I used the entire nottingham yeast pack for each recipe. Each of these packs are designed for 5 gallons of beer, so I used 2.5X has much yeast has the recipes call for. 2 weeks later the beer in primary still smells and tastes somewhat...
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    Strange smelling beer

    I was at a friend's house yesterday when he gave me a beer that he brewed and asked for my "expert" opinion on it. The taste was ok a little bit yeasty but drinkable, but it had a odd nasty smell to it. I would almost describe it has a wet dog smell. What on earth would give a beer that...
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    Yet another first all-grain story

    Judging by this forum a lot of people did their first all grain this week. Yesterday I did my first all-grain using deathbrewer's stove top method, and I have to say his method worked great I got around 73% efficiency on my first try. The only problem I had is that I used way too much water...
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    Some newbie questions

    1. Someone told me that you couldn't use stainless steel for brewing is this true? And if not is there anything I have to do with the stainless steel before using it? 2. How long can stored grain last if it's already been ground? And whats the best way to store it? 3. What's the alcohol...
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    Partial mash vs All-grain

    I was just wondering whats the difference between doing a partial mash and doing an all grain? Is it just a matter of scale? or is all-grain more complicated? If they're basically the same I might just skip partial mashing and go straight to all grain.
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    Oxygen absorbing caps

    I bought some oxygen absorbing caps for my Russian Imperial stout that I'm going to be bottling soon. According to the website for my LHBS the caps need to be activated with an iodine solution, has anyone ever heard of that before? Is there another way to activate them? I plan on bottle...
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    Boil size and hop utilization

    Alright I downloaded Beersmith and was playing around with it the other night. I found out that when I decreased my boil size (to represent what I would actually be boiling with) that my bitterness ratio and IBUs decreased. So while adapting these recipes I increased the hops to keep the IBUs...
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    Is there any substitute for rye malt?

    I've been trying to convert a few all-grain recipes to extract, and according to BeerSmith you can't steep rye malt. So is there some sort of substitute for rye malt that I could use instead?
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    Am I tasting acetaldehyde? And how do I fix it?

    I bottled an Irish stout that I made from a kit 24 days ago, and it's fully carbed but it still has a nasty sweet flavor to it thats hard to describe, or maybe it's more of an apple flavor I'm not sure. I realize I propably bottled it too soon (only 2 weeks in primary), and I won't be...