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    Liquid yeast

    Wyeast did some tests and discovered that they got the best results by taking the yeast out of the cooler 24 hours ahead.
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    Amber Weizen (does this recipe look ok?)

    Just my opinion, but I would up the wheat a pound and drop the crytal a pound. And all my wheat recipes only use hops at the 60 minute mark.
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    lagered cider?

    I've not used a lager yeast,but did use an ale yeast a long time ago. I don't remember a lot about it (no notes), but it turned out O K. You can use pretty much any yeast you think would give you the results that you want. Give it a go and let us know.
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    US Hops vs. UK Hops

    If those U.S. goldings are from Yakima they are fairly close to imported goldings. I got a rhizome of Yakima goldings a few years ago and use them in all my British ales. If you are having to use U.S. fuggles go with Willamettes instead, they are descended from fuggles and are actually better.
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    Hopps question - Target vs. Fuggle

    They sent you the wrong hop. Target is a good bittering hop, fuggles can also be used for bittering, but target is usually twice as high in AAs. Use the other half of the goldings with the fuggles and a half oz. of any other hop you may have to get close to the IBUs of one oz. of target. Or...
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    EKG vs Fuggles

    Goldings are my favorite englsh hops. I have some growing in my back yard. To my taste fuggles go better in dark beer. Maybe that's just me.
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    21 year mead

    I made a 17% cherry mead for my grandaughter Cherry when she was 2 1/2 to lay down untill she is 21. I also made a 17% raspberry mead for her brother when he was 2 1/2. Their brother is a little over 2 1/2 now and I will soon be making a 17% blackberry mead for him. Their baby sister is...
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    honey in Portland

    You mead makers in the Portland metro area should check out the honey vendor at the Gresham farmers market. Three pounds of MT Hood wildflower honey for $8. Three pounds of Meadowfoam (my favorite) for $9. Decent selection and good prices.
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    Oktoberfest W/ALE yeast

    A nuetral american strain might work.
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    Honey addition?

    Honey ferments completely so if you put a lot in you may end up with a drier final product than you want.
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    Okay, so who else has sprouts on their Rhizomes?

    My sterlings are 6 inches tall and goldings are 2 inches. Last year the goldings didn't show up untill 3 weeks after the sterlings.
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    Gastro-Intestinal Distress...

    Gas is formed by fermentation in the gut so if there were anything fermentable left in your beer after the yeast was done it could cause the problem you are having.
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    iris petals instead of rose?

    Thank you. That is the information that I was looking for. Plan B it is, blueberry mead.
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    Brewing my first beer tomarow.

    Good luck. If your first batch doesn't out award winning don't give up. I think that I brew pretty good beer now, but my first few batches are better not mentioned.
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    iris petals instead of rose?

    When my first granddaughter was 3 I brewed a cherry mead (Her name is Cherry) @ 18% to lay down for her 21st birthday. I have a brand new granddaughter named Iris and was wondering if I could use iris petals in a mead instead of the rose petals that some meads are made with.
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    Barleywine Recipe - Input please...

    I agree, 007 will handle the % level. The best score that I ever got was on an english style barleywine fermented with 007.
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    open fermentors

    Breweries not brewing lambic styles use yeast that forms a thick head on top that doesn't fall back into suspention which protects the beer.
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    Three Stooges Panther Pilsner

    There is a Panther Brewery putting out Three Stooges beer. Somewhere back east I think. The guy who answers the phone is named Johnson and during a stooges episode on a train there was a character named Johnson who was a big part of it.
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    Summer Honeys

    Wyeast 1056 would work.
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    Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast

    This was my first beer to score over 40 in a comp. It was my best score untill my Sloppyknickers English Barleywine scored 45. It may have done as well with a different yeast but if it ain't broke don't fix it.