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    FS: 3 Mostly complete parts kit for iSpindel

    I have some extra parts from building a few iSpindels. I'm just trying to get back what I paid for the parts. The parts are based on the Open Source Distilling instructions. Included: Jeferey PCB 2.1 DS18B20 temperature sensor (I checked and they read with 1 degree F) BAT43 diode 4.7 KOhm...
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    Dogfish Head makes Chicha Beer

    Just found a link to this video of the brewers at Dogfish Head making Chica Beer. http://www.youtube.com/v/QSXpLjewfMo&hl=en&fs=1& Thought it was pretty cool.
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    Measuring the gravity of beer that is already carbonated

    I've got a really nice wheat beer that's ready to serve in the keg, but forgot to check the FG. I'd imagine that having C02 dissolved in it would through off the hydrometer reading, but I don't want to let any of it go flat. I like to know how strong my beer is just so I can warn guests if...
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    Replacing the seal on a keg lid pressure relief valve

    Just tried to use one of my new kegs last weekend and realized that it was leaking through the pressure relief valve :mad: I made sure it was seated correctly, but it still leaks. This valve leaks in multiple lids, so I'm pretty sure it is the valve. There are no visible deformities in...
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    Am I going overboard with hops in this IPA?

    I'm planning an IPA this weekend and wondering if I'm going a bit overboard with the hops. Here is what I'm looking at using: 7.5 lbs light DME 1.2 lbs light liquid malt extract (have this can lying around ... will add near the end of the boil) 1 lb crystal (60 lov) malt 1 lb Belgian...
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    Putting quick disconnects between coupler and shank

    I'm looking into putting quick disconnects between my couplers and the beer shank to make it easier to switch between homebrew and something I bought after a keg blows (and make it easier to ensure that I don't spill beer all over the place after I've had a few). I'm looking at some of the...