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    Nonic Glasses, Imperial Pint

    Where can I get good Imperial pint nonic glasses with etched seal and half-pint line? Th
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    Cleaning a used keg for its first batch of homebrew

    When getting a used corny keg ready for its first batch of homebrew, how difficult is that first cleaning? I've read that at least some used kegs will still have syrup that's been inside for many years. Is it usually enough to disassemble Fill the keg, soak everything else, overnight with...
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    How do you aerate?

    What do you to aerate your wort prior to pitching? Use oxygen? Shake the fermenter? Stir it fast/hard for a while? Something else?
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    Using corny for primary?

    Hello all. First post after some time away! I'm considering using a corny keg for primary, looking for guidance and answers to some questions In general, are there an downsides? With a five gallon corny, is there any headspace above the five gallon level? (I typically do five gallon batches)...
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    Thoughts on this kegerator?

    Costco has a dual tap Danby for $600. Any experience with it? Other thoughts? https://www.costco.com/Danby-Dual-Tap-Keg-Cooler.product.100375460.html Thanks!
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    Whirlpooling while draining wort from kettle?

    After I cool wort, I vigorously whirlpool it by hand/spoon for three minutes, then wait at least 20 minutes before racking through the kettle valve to carboy. The wort in the tube starts out very clear, but about two-thirds of the way in it becomes very cloudy; probably caused by the cone in the...
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    Help! LHBS gave me Black Patent for Yopper's Oatmeal Stout

    EDIT - Long story short -- got Black Patent instead of Black Barley. So...will using 8 ounces of Black Patent instead of Black Barley make that noticeable a difference? If so, what will it do to the flavor? It's going to be a 5 gallon batch. And either way, would you go back and ask them to...
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    FINALLY doing an oatmeal stout

    Going to toast/roast the oatmeal today, and brew next week. Just to be sure of a few things: I have Old Fashioned Quaker Oats, the sort that boils for five minutes when you're making breakfast; is that the right kind? Would their Quick oats - the kind that you only boil for one minute - be...
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    Heater for SS BrewBucket

    What's a good heater to use with a 7 gallon BrewBucket? If it matters, fermentation chamber is a 7cf chest freezer,and I use a two-stage InkBird. Thanks!
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    Ideas for insulating a cooler mash tun

    I'm thinking of a round piece of thick Styrofoam (or something like it) floating on top of the grain bed to help reduce heat loss. What do you think? Any other ideas to increase a cooler's ability to retain heat?
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    7 gallon conical in a 7.0 cf chest freezer

    Is this a practical combination? Besides being able to physically fit, would you be able to easily dump and drain?
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    Mashing out with a round cooler (tried BeerSmith..big mistake)

    So I told BeerSmith that my mash profile was single infusion, medium body. It added a mashout step, said to add 1.69 gallons at 200º...was supposed to raise the mash's temperature to 168º. But it only raised it to 160º! Previous to the mashout everything was the way it should have been...
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    pH Meter That Doesn't Need To Be Calibrated?

    Having to calibrate a pH meter every brew day is a pain in the backside. Are there any decent reasonably-priced ones that don't need to be calibrated...or at least not as often? Thanks
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    To bottle, or not to bottle...that is the question

    Jamil's AG dunkelweizen has been in primary for two weeks. SG was 1050 (expected 1054); I'm right at the expected FG (per BeerSmith) of 1012. I pitched one Pure Pack of WLP 300 without a starter, and didn't aerate. For the entire two weeks. it's been at a very constant 62º. So here's the thing...
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    Blichmann Hellfire - Number of batches per tank? Best place to buy?

    For those of you who have a Blichmann Hellfire burner...about how many batches does a standard tank of propane last? I do six gallon batches, with 7-ish gallon preboil volume, typically 60 minute boil. And related question, where's the best place to buy a Hellfire? Thanks!
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    Change StarSan in blow-off jar?

    The batch in my freezer right now had so much blow-off that the StarSan in the jar is brown. Would it be a good idea to change it, or is there no need? By the way, the "jar" is a gallon milk jug, with 1-2 quarts of StarSan in it. Thanks
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    Sam Adams Summer Ale Clone Recipe?

    Does anyone know of a good one? Thanks!
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    Whirlfloc with Dunkelweizen?

    I know it's supposed to be hazy/cloudy...doesn't that come from the yeast? If I'm not mistaken, whirlfloc helps remove hot and cold break, and other trub material, but doesn't affect yeast haze. Am I right? In any case, should whirlfloc be used in a Dunkelweizen or any other German wheat beer?