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    Sour English Barleywine BJCP Style?

    Hey, Curious is anyone had some helpful input on what style I should enter this beer in? This was a brew which we didn't mean to go sour in the barrel but it did unfortunately. The brew was a 2nd use Bourbon Barrel and the first beer in there was a Curieux clone which was only in there for...
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    What Category for a Competition 2015 Style Guidelines

    Hey All, I am planning on entering a competition pretty soon and am having some trouble picking a category to enter in. I have two barrel aged beers. One is an imperial saison (Super Saison according to the new guideline) which was aged in a white wine barrel. The other is a Curieux...
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    Soured Oak Barrel Second Beer and Cleaning?

    Hi All, I have a 5gal oak barrel that I have had a sour been in for about 18 months. This was the first sour beer to go in it. The current brew has a decent mild sourness level and I am planning on racking it and replacing it with a new beer soon. My question is about cleaning the barrel...
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    Hop Stand, when to put hops in?

    Hey, Been thinking about doing some hop stands on my IPA's and other beers. Just have a question about the technique. Do you throw in the hops that you intend to HS with at flame out and then cool it down to the HS temp, or do you throw them in once you reach the temp you are going to hop...
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    Water in C02 lines

    Hey, I just installed some 3/8 check valves on my c02 lines. In order to get them onto my 5/16 line I had to boil the hose. Thus, some condensation got into the line. I tries to counteract this by spraying it down with a bit of sanitizer but now there is that in the line too. Is this...
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    Stir Plate died, help calculating growth

    So yes, my stir plate died. I made a starter last night and woke up this morning and it's not working correctly. I am going to borrow a friends today but it probably will be absent from a plate and just sitting for 12-18 hours. I am worried it's not on the plate during one of the more peak...
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    Belgian Golden Strong C02 Volumes?

    Anyone know what the proper carbonation range for a golden strong is? Very difficult for me to find this info. I have seen online anywhere from 1.9 to 4 volumes. I am thinking that anything below 2.5 isn't right for the style but that 3.5 to 4 is probably a bit high. Anyone know what the best...
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    champagne yeast in primary, how long to wait?

    Hey All, I used some champagne yeast to finish out a beer I had in primary (long story not worth getting in to). I know with beer yeast it's good to leave it in primary for a bit (few weeks) so it can clean up by products and finish fermenting everything. I was curious if this was also...
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    Clean C02 Lines before use?

    Hey, Just curious if people cleaned out their C02 gas lines before they hooked them up. I generally don't do this but am wondering if that might be a bad practice. I was going to swap my lines out soon since they are a few years old. Thanks.
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    Wyeast 3763 Roeselare Alcohol Tolerance

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone had experimented with using the roeselare blend on higher gravity beers. I was looking at their website and it says the tolerance for the bugs is about 11% ABV. The reason I am wondering is because I have a brew that I made where I was trying to make the...
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    Trim the first growth?

    Hey All, Have a couple of hops growing in hops here in the Bay Area, CA. This is their 3rd year of growth. I hadn't been paying much attention to them and then noticed they had really taken off. There were probably about 10 to 15 sprouts coming up out of the ground. I was pruning them back to...
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    Percent Sugar in a Belgian Golden Strong

    So I am coming up with a recipe right now for a Belgian Golden Strong that's basically pilsner malt and sugar/candi syrup. I am trying to figure out what an appropriate percentage of sugar would be for this brew. BJCP guidelines (I am trying to do this to style) say up to 20% sugar, but that is...
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    Cattyness from Dry Hopping

    Just wondering everyone's opinion on if you can pull that catty, diesel fuel, onion thing out of those dank American hops like Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, etc, from dry hopping? I have been under the impression that it's not an issue when dry hopping but I was just wondering if anyone else had a...
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    Belgian Golden Strong - Candi Syrup?

    Hey All, I am going to be brewing my first Golden Strong Ale soon and I was curious about if I should use candi syrup vs just corn sugar. I was at my LHBS and was talking to one of the workers. He said I should for sure use candi syrup because it leaves a bit of residual flavor. I then...
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    Does Belgium Candi Syrup go bad?

    Hey All, I don't brew many Belgian beers generally but I have tried my hand at a few. I am in the process of trying to make a Golden Strong. I have some candi syrup left over from a Tripel I made about a year or so ago that I used half of and vented the air out as best I could. I also got a...
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    yeastcalc.com, is it gone!?

    I dunno how many other people used this website but I hadn't brewed for about a month and typed in the URL to calculate my starter and it appears to have disappeared. Anyone know where it went and/or if it's going to be coming back? It appears to be just a spam website now. I know there are...
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    Why the devil names for golden strong?

    Hey All, I was having a conversation with someone about Belgian Golden Strong Ale's and the topic of why they have names associated with the devil came up. I was trying to research the history of why these brews have that associated with them but I couldn't really find anything solid on why...
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    Rehydrate yeast for a starter

    Hey, I am going to be making a starter with some champagne yeast to pitch into a big beer because I want to get it going at high krausen before I pitch in in there. I know rehydrating before pitching is generally a good idea but would I need to do this for a 1040ish starter? Would a good...
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    Biofine and Hop Flavor

    Just wondering what people's experiences are with using biofine. I have never used it but got some recently. I have an IPA in primary right now and I was thinking of using it on that. I am just wondering if people have experienced it reducing hop flavor like gelatin can? Thanks.
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    Biofine and Hop Flavor

    Just wondering what people's experiences are with using biofine. I have never used it but got some recently. I have an IPA in primary right now and I was thinking of using it on that. I am just wondering if people have experienced it reducing hop flavor like gelatin can? Thanks.