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  1. Vared

    bottle conditioning small batch cider

    I just bottled a small batch of cider into 5 16.9 oz bottles and in 1 750ml bottle. How long should I let it carbonate for (to ensure good carbonation and avoid explosions)? I just used organic apple juice and used 1 oz of corn sugar for the primer.
  2. Vared


    I was throwing the idea around of including vegetables in my next batch. Particularly carrots. Anything I should expect or be weary of?
  3. Vared

    mint in beer?

    Has anyone tried this? Does it have any particular characteristics that would disrupt the secondary fermentation?
  4. Vared

    Turbinado turned out great for priming sugar

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my question about raw sugar (or turbinado) as priming sugar. It came out great! My first enjoyable brew!
  5. Vared

    Priming Sugar: Raw Sugar?

    Hello, I'm new to this site and homebrewing in general. How well does raw (unrefined) sugar work as a priming sugar for bottle carbonation? Mod edit: This is not extract specific: It's been moved to the relevant forum.