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  1. BillTheSlink

    1st fruit wine "Hand Pressing"?? And products I can't find from a book

    I need to make the transition from beer brewing to small-scale fruit wine making due to health concerns that don't enable me to lug and tug all that hot water around. I was thinking of starting out with Peach Vintner's Harvest Fruit Bases but a site I was reading said it needed to be pressed...
  2. BillTheSlink

    Did I ruin my chiller??

    I have to admit it guys I have screwed up. I am disabled and cannot clean up the same day I brew. But last time I brewed was last year or the spring. After brew day was over I put everything to soak and left it. Then I got a blood clot and then my attention turned to making small batches of...
  3. BillTheSlink

    Faux Lager with Canadian accent??

    Even though I have a low tech lagering setup I still don't think I am ready to do a lager yet. My latest issue of the Northern Brewer catalog says you can use a clean ale yeast fermented on the low temp end like Wyeast 1056, 2112, or White Labs 001. Would you guys say these do give you a lager...
  4. BillTheSlink

    Do you let IPA's breathe before drinking??

    I had never tasted an IPA until yesterday. Where I live they don't sell single bottles and I usually don't go to bars, so I didn't want to risk investing in a six-pack at the prices the locals charge due to our punitive pricing laws. Anyway since a Biggs opened up they got a permit to sell...
  5. BillTheSlink

    Questions on partial mash brewing

    I got into brewing a few years ago and like everyone else my first few were extract, but after about three I went whole hog into all grain and never did any partial mash. Fast forward to this year and now I am disabled due to a failing back. I can no longer lift full boils or clean up my all...
  6. BillTheSlink

    Unusual Cleaning Issue

    I have an unusual cleaning issue which steams from the fact I am disabled and haven't been able to clean up since last brew day three weeks ago almost. I have these articles which were never clean out and need to clean them: Igloo round cooler with toiler supply for a screen that the grains...
  7. BillTheSlink

    Can you make partial boil brews that are good?

    My back is giving me fits so the end of the season brews are going to be extract and I haven't done any in a very long time. I never did a partial boil, but dang it sure would help me now if I could. Does it really matter? I am doing a very high gravity beer and a Pale Mild if it makes any...
  8. BillTheSlink

    Planning a "Big Brut" OG 1.114

    I am brewing one of Northern Brewers Limited Edition kits, the Northern #1, which is a cross between a barley wine and an old ale with Wyest 9097 which is made just for stuff like this. It is made both to be drank young and also laid down for a very very long time. With extended aging the...
  9. BillTheSlink

    "Crap from Krausen" still floating in little flakes. Will gelatin clear it?

    You know how like the day after you pitch you get a nice creamy, snow white cap of krausen, but the next day it starts churning up stuff that looks like flecks of poop directly in the center and then it pretty much takes over? Well on my Bass clone after the Krausen fell back in little flakes...
  10. BillTheSlink

    Missed my target OG will I notice this difference??

    I was doing a Bass Clone from AHBS. According to Beersmith with my 1% alcohol boost my OG should have been 1.058. It was 1.050. I was just wondering if this was a big deal or not as far as tasting it. I know what I did wrong in that I was boiling in the dark and didn't boil rapidly enough to...
  11. BillTheSlink

    Cleaning Glass Carboy

    I know we are supposed to use Oxi Clean Free (No blue crystals) to clean them, but all I have in the house is OxiClean Versatile Which does have some. As long as I rinse real well can I still use it to clean a carboy that sat with Apfelwein in it? I really don't know what the difference is;* I...
  12. BillTheSlink

    re-pitching for bottling an Apfelwein

    I have an Apfelwein I have aged for a year in secondary. It is the Ed Wort's Apfelwein. I know after this long and with my basement temperature going up and down I need to repitch before bottling. How much Montrachet yeast should I add to my five gallons to carb the bottles and also with...
  13. BillTheSlink

    Dry Yeast for an English Pale Ale??

    So I have been wanting to try using dry yeast for like, ever. The only thing I have got to use it on is Ed's Apple Juice and that was a smashing success; I smashed into the floor and the next thing I remember it was daylight and I have a smashing headache, so I guess you call that a smashing...
  14. BillTheSlink

    Brew on premises store in Youngstown, Cleveland, or Pittsburg?

    I will be moving to Youngstown Ohio to get my Master's degree next Fall and of course there is no way to brew on campus where I will be living the first year. Please tell me there is a brew on premises store in or around one of these cities or my brewing days are over for a while:( Of course...
  15. BillTheSlink

    Oh NO!! I think I oxidized my Christmas brew

    I brewed up a spiced holiday ale last Fall that had an OG: 1.090 so I needed to age it and used a bucket both for primary and bulk aging. I opened my email from the BeerSmith blog today and it says you can't bulk age in a bucket because it will oxidize. Should I plan on something else this...
  16. BillTheSlink

    Where to buy Brewtek yeast

    Anyone know who caries this line, hopefully near Ohio and not in the deep south or out west? I am really in need of CL-450.
  17. BillTheSlink

    Dry yeast with a Kölsch

    I have never made, nor for that matter tasted a Kölsch, but am dyeing to try one for some reason. I am a bit concerned about how the yeast will be in transit through all this heat to get to me if I use liquid and the LHBS will be out for ten more days. Is there a dry yeast that will give me a...
  18. BillTheSlink

    Think it is time to bottle these or should I give it more time??

    The first was Listermann's Abby Ale the original recipe was: 6 lbs light syrup 1 lb corn sugar 1 lb CaraMunich Malt 1 lb of Munich Malt 2 oz Hallertau 60 min .5 East kent at flame out Although it didn't call for it I used White Labs Trappest Ale yeast and due to it being a heavy...
  19. BillTheSlink

    Confused on late addition and Beersmith question

    Hello Everyone: Had to take some time off from brewing due to some health issues and haven't been around in a while. Since I have been away from the hobby and still have some issues I decided to go back to extract for a couple of brews and get my brew grove back. I am going to do a...
  20. BillTheSlink

    Safe level to carb glass bottles??

    I thought I would ask here because, well, you never know who's giving answers on the newbie section unless you know them. I designed a Bavarian Hefeweizen and according to "Brewing Classic Styles" winners in this category are usually carbonated 3.6-5.1 vol. I primed to 4.0 volumes (it worked...