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    Traveling to Dallas Need Some Beer Stops

    Peticolas should be doing a tour that Saturday. It's definitely not walking distance, but I've always enjoyed the beer. I'll second a trip to either Meddlesome Moth or the Common Table. Haven't been to BrainDead yet, so I have little to comment on other than I understand the head brewer is...
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    DFW HBT Bottle Share

    Irving here. Bishop Arts District isn't very far.
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    Irving, TX water quality

    Interesting. I'll have to try that with my next batch. I was just concerned with losing minerals with RO water. A charcoal filter probably wouldn't be a bad idea either. Thanks for the info.
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    Irving, TX water quality

    Thanks for the confirmation. That's good to know. One of these days I'll drop my the water department and see if I can talk to someone there briefly and find out how often the source changes and what changes to the composition happen. Sending labs out a few times in a year is not something I'm...
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    DFW HBT Bottle Share

    I'm definitely for it, however, I don't have anything bottled at the moment. Maybe in a couple months I'll have something ready.
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    Irving, TX water quality

    Are any of you local brewers familiar with how often the city's water source changes? I've started noticing a difference in taste between warm/cold months. My suspicion is there is a higher concentration of algae in the water in the warm months. Reason I'm asking is because around the time I...
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    Irving, Texas

    I'm in Irving. Definitely would like to have someone more experienced to brew with occasionally. I've visited a couple metroplex clubs, but they're either to far for me to want to deal with traffic getting there or they're club meeting interferes with prior commitments. Please keep me posted if...
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    Wrecked my keezer today...

    He's supposed to call me to arrange that.
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    Wrecked my keezer today...

    Try taking it to a radiator repair shop. Maybe they can solder the leak. Then any a/c tech should be able to charge it back up.
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    I uninvite myself to brew days... Do you?

    I can understand where the OP is coming from. When I work at something, I am very anal about how I do things and tend to be hard on myself for screwups. I strive for perfection (not that I am always successful in even getting close) When I've done something time and again and have found the...
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    Bargain Fittings

    Here's another shoutout to Bargain Fittings. I placed my order Sunday evening (May 11, 2014 at 8:25 PM) and received an email the next day just after 1:00pm that my order shipped. Thanks to my relatively close proximity (<50miles) I received my parts today, Tues. You just don't get faster...
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    Mosaic IPA

    Oh ok. That makes sense. I'm going to have to try these recipes out. They sound pretty good!
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    Mosaic IPA

    Why use Wheat DME instead of grain?
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    Monster Mill Crush Help

    Is there a good ratio of rice hulls to go by for gauging how much rice hull to add?
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    What I learned on National Homebrew Day

    I found some metal clips at HD for $0.37. You have to peel some rubber off them, but at least you don't have to go to Walmart (just saying that name makes me shudder)
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    what else can I do with a growler?

    I've been using my growlers for yeast starters. They work well. I need to take it up to my LHBS and find a blow off hose I can show through the mouth so I can use it for small test batches.
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    Double IPA, double the cost

    There is a difference between mashing and steeping grains, but on a basic level they're pretty close. Check out this link as well. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/wiki/index.php/Brew_in_a_Bag It'll help get you started. Hope you have a successful next brew. BIAB is pretty easy. Just takes a modest...
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    Double IPA, double the cost

    It's very similar to steeping your grains. If you look in the BIAB area of the All Grain page, there are some great threads on how to BIAB. Now that I've done a couple, I wish I would have just started this way. It really isn't any more difficult than extract. In a nutshell you use a large bag...
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    Double IPA, double the cost

    David_Trucks, have you looked into BIAB? I've done a couple 3 gallon batches in the same 5gal brew kettle I started extract brewing in and have had great results. The investment took less than $10 at Home Depot (5gal paint strainer bags and metal clips). The greater flexibility and control have...
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    Show us your most ghetto DIY

    Agent, do you have any problems scorching the wort? I have thought of something similar, but I have reservations directly heating the wort. In my experience with heating up the heat transfer oil for machinery, the heating elements always have burnt oil on them. Though, your heating elements put...