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    Made a gross beer - bad yeast/hop combo?

    Don't get me wrong, I've made bad beer before. It just usually happens when I'm trying something new, not when I'm adapting an old recipe. This one came out just...weird. Recipe was as follows: OG 1.052 FG 1.006 72.5% Bohemian Pilsner 14% Spelt malt 7% Golden Naked Oats 4% Table sugar 2.5%...
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    Beech-Smoked Rauchmalz in a Smoked Porter?

    Looking to make my yearly smoked beer and I wanted to take a departure from my traditional Rauchbier lager for an ale this time. I’ve seen a lot of smoked porter recipes that call for cherry, alder, and even peat smoked malt, but not too many with standard beech smoked Rauchmalz. (I have brewed...
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    Pale Solera Recipe Critique

    Hey guys, I've been brewing sour beers for a few years now, and the last couple I made were pretty decent. I've stuck to established recipes for most of my sours, but I wanted to do something different for my next project. I'm looking to acquire a used red wine barrel (10-15 gal) in the next...
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    Disgusting old beer in tap lines

    Okay, so I’m no stranger to carb levels falling off in old tap lines, but I’ve recently been experiencing something more severe and damning. It seems like the first pour from one of my lighter beers (Kölsch) is downright disgusting. Butterscotch and papery flavors abound. As soon as I pour the...
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    This article makes me want to self immolate

    https://vinepair.com/articles/beer-geek-dictionary/ I know I’ve been guilty of using more than a few of these, but dear lord, do people actually talk like this? Please tell me I’m not the only sane person left in the room!
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    Anomalies with Mash pH Measurements

    Hey guys, I wasn’t sure what subforum to put this in, so I’m sticking it here. I’ve recently been having a lot of problems with my Apera PH60 meter. I performed the required 2-step calibration procedure, but my measured pH is ALWAYS off — from the calibration solution or my calculated mash pH...
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    CO2 Affecting Hydrometer Readings?

    Hi guys, I’ve been experiencing some anomalies between my refractometer and (calibrated) hydrometer readings for final gravity, and I’m starting to think it has a good deal to do with the fact that my FG readings use carbed beer. Here’s the last two scenarios that occurred: Imperial Stout OG...
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    Calling All Roggeneers!

    I am looking forward to taking a crack at the Roggenbier style, but seeing as I’ve never even tasted one before, I was hoping for some advice from the HBT community before I brew it. I imagine the resulting flavor is a cross between a dunkelweizen and a rye ale. Problem is, I really don’t enjoy...
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    Re-Thinking Bitterness in Dry Hopped Beers

    Fantastic article from CB&B, really makes me reconsider bitterness and dry hopping in general! Any thoughts from the HBT community? https://beerandbrewing.com/rethinking-bitterness-in-dry-hopped-hazy-beers/
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    Motorized Malt Mill Build

    Hello there, I was looking for some advice from the community on re-building my motorized malt mill following a move across the country. The existing build I have uses the following components: - Monster Mill 2.0 (1.5” rollers, 3/8” drive) - Century GF2034 motor (1/3 hp, 48 frame) - sheave and...
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    Favorite Belgian session beer recipe?

    After an exhaustive search of the forums, I didn't see anything similar to this one...apologies if I missed a spot. Recently I've been on a bit of a session ale kick, and with the warm weather approaching, I'm in the mood for something crushable, spicy, and Belgian to keep me company. There's...
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    Best Yeast Strain for a NEIPA?

    I've made a fair few NEIPA attempts with various yeast strains, and I'm curious...what is everyone's preference for that characteristic smoothie texture? So far I've used Conan, London Ale III (WY1318), and British Ale (WY1098). I'm leaning towards London Ale III for the balanced stone fruit...
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    Helles Bock New Kids on the Bock

    Batch Size: 5.50 gal Boil Size: 6.98 gal Color: 6.4 SRM Bitterness: 30.1 IBUs Est OG: 1.063 (15.3° P) Est FG: 1.014 SG (3.5° P) ABV: 6.2% This beer is the perfect answer for the brewer looking to make a moderately strong, malty lager with a crisp finish. I've found that many bock recipes err on...
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    West Yorkshire Pale Ale

    After finally snagging a smack pack of West Yorkshire Ale yeast (WY1469), I am determined to make a strong, full bodied example of an English pale ale. Slightly nutty, slightly toasty and with enough earthy hops to balance it all out, I am hopping this recipe hits the mark. I've noticed that...
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    E-Brew Newb Looking for RIMS Advice!

    Hi everybody! First and foremost I have to say what an invaluable resource this community is, especially in DIY projects. I am no stranger to homebrewing but a complete novice in electrical wiring, and I'm looking for some help building a simple RIMS control panel. I am planning on making a...
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    Hoppy Saisonish Water Profile Help

    After finally biting the bullet and getting a full water report from Ward Labs, I'm looking to expand on my current brewing practices and build my water profile for each beer. I've got a few questions about using Brun water and targeting specific ion concentrations... 1) How important is the...
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    Yeast get no respect, no respect at all, I tell ya.

    I'm going to make some gross generalizations here, and say that yeast selection is overtly disrespected among the homebrewing community at large. I will see people spending $50-60 on ingredients at the LHBS but they can't part with the extra $2 for a yeast strain different than S-05. It blows...
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    Tree House Double Shot Clone

    Anyone who's ever had the chance to try Tree House Brewing's malty offerings is a fortunate soul indeed. Though they are primarily known for their superb hop bombs, they also make some fantastic coffee stouts. Double Shot is one of the best examples of the style, with notes of chocolate, toffee...
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    Witbier (It's a Nice Day for a) Wit Wedding

    Allagash White is one of my favorite beers of all time. Smooth, refreshing, with an incredible citrus zip and mouthfeel to boot, it's an awesome interpretation of a traditional Belgian Wit. I tried to capture the same essential elements in this witbier recipe. However, this beer is different...
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    Oud Bruin Recipe Critique

    I apologize for the repost, but seeing as I never received responses in a separate sub forum, I'm leaving this here. Looking for feedback on my first attempt at a Flanders sour brown ale. I'm trying to emulate Russian River Supplication on this one. O.G. 1.070 F.G. < 1.010 IBU < 10 48%...