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    Efficiency and F.G. issues

    I am battling a chronic high F.G. problem. It isn't high by much, maybe 5% attenuation on average. But it is enough to irritate me. I make good starters and use O2 aeration, and the hydrometer is good. My system efficiency into the carboy is pretty reliable at 82-85%. But most of the recipes...
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    The good and bad of Canadian culture

    First the good. This is a delicious beer which was actually on sale at the liquor store: Well worth the money. Now the bad. This is just plain retarded: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/new-brunswick/story/2007/08/23/nb-pigsfound.html They also managed to lose 2 of them. A quote from the...
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    Help build this Imperial Pale Ale

    I want to clone a local brew that is definitely the best beer around here. From their website: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imperial Pale Ale Imperial Pale Ale is a robust, medium bodied west coast style ale with a lingering hop...
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    Stirplate problems? Try some Ferm-cap!

    I have a lab quality Corning stir plate that I use for my starters with my 5l Erlenmeyer. I could never get the speed up over 8 (out of 10). It would religiously kick the stirbar off at a hair over that setting. Today was my first try with a few small drops of defoamer in my starter. Now I...
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    Has anybody ever kegged non-sparkling wine?

    I am interested in kegging a batch of wine, but I don't want it carbed. Can this be done with nitrogen? I can't seem to find much information on the net about it.
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    Some Oxygenation info from Wyeast

    I had e-mailed Wyeast regarding this oxygenation theory. Some people may find this info useful: I am about to get an O2 aeration system and have a couple of questions. When you figure 1 min of O2 into 5 gallons will give 12ppm, is that from a wort at 0ppm, or does that include a base level...
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    How long will the small O2 tank last?

    I'm going to get an O2 set-up for my higher gravity brews. Stone is on order, already have the other parts lying around the house. I am planning on using the small Bernzomatic cylinders. How many 5.5 gallon brews will this do - approximately?
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    Is a street light going to mess with my hops flowering?

    I planned on making a couple 12'hx16'l trellis grids along my driveway. At the end of the drive way, on the other side, I have a streetlight. This is the best pic I have at the moment: The pole is on the righthand side. The driveway starts right there and comes straight in from the...
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    Dry out my beer with Montrachet wine yeast

    This is the continuation of a nightmare brew documented here: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=57625 My Three Pistoles clone now seems stuck. OG was 1.085. Looks pretty dead at 1.047. Not good. Temp was controlled at 72 deg. I just racked to the secondary and stirred up a...
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    Counter Pressure bottle filling Growlers

    Here's a device I threw together to fill my growlers. Worked really well. I love using these bottles because they hold their carbonation very well. Very little headspace compared to the total volume.
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    How does your starter taste?

    I just finished pitching my VSS 3864 Unibroue. The starter has a bit of a tart/sour taste to it. Do you think this is normal for a belgian type of yeast? My 3068/1084/2112 starters tasted fairly plain. I'm nervous about this one.
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    What a miserable cursed beer

    What a rotten brew day. Attempted to do a Three Pistoles. 1. Burner wouldn't put out enough heat to boil. After half and hour to realize this and another half hour to guess the problem, I head out to Walmart and pick up another fryer kit. This is the second regulator I have lost. I can't...
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    When will this dumb-ass province bottom out on stupidity?

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    Small scale hops rhizomes supplier

    This will probably be of interest to Canadians more than others, but there is a contact e-mail for international orders. I just ordered 15. http://lazyacres.ca/products.html
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    Anybody own a Melvico counter pressure filler

    These things are somewhat rare since the company is out of business and the retail cost was $400. I have an opportunity to buy one for $100. I've built cheapo CPBFs, but I am interested if anyone has ever used one of these.
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    Florida woman strapped beer in with seat belt but not baby

    http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/080205/koddities/oddity_secure_beer What more can you say.
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    Growing hops over a deck

    I am getting some hop plants this year. I have a back deck that gets lots of sunshine. I was thinking about running the hops up the rails of the deck, adding some extensions to the railing to bring the vertical rise to 10 feet, and then going at an angle over to the roof for another 8 feet...
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    Has anybody made hop extract

    I am thinking about making some hop extract in the future. Has anybody ever done this before, or know how it's done? I'm thinking steam distillation or maceration/Soxhlet extractor using ethyl alcohol...
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    Can I proof yeast with cane sugar?

    I want to check the viability of my frozen yeast . Can i just use some cane sugar for this?
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    What are flavor/aroma hops boil times?

    I want to start playing with some FWH by using just the aroma hops. What is the general cut-off times between aroma and flavor hops? Are 15 and 20 min additions considered aroma or flavor?