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    Maryland Grainfather Electric Brew System $600

    I've got an interested party, so please ignore this sale. I can't figure out how to 'delete' the original post.
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    Maryland Grainfather Electric Brew System $600

    I have a slightly used, well cared-for, Grainfather Electric Brewing system (120v) for sale. This is not the bluetooth controlled version (though you can purchase that component from the manufacturer if desired). Retail is $890 new, and I'm including the Graincoat insulated jacket (MSRP $50)...
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    Benefits and Disadvantages of Single Vessel Brewing Systems

    I've got the GF and love it. To Liam's question, you're right, you likely don't need to purchase another vessel just for heating water. You could heat it in the GF, then transfer to a cooler (via the GF pump) where it can maintain temp until you need it, after the mash. Or, you can heat water...
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    Newbie - Mold in siphon line question

    Thank you for the replies! I'm less concerned about the potential for for illness now! I actually let the tube soak in PBW then forced the liquid out by blowing on the tubing. The mold blew right out! Really, I'm less concerned about the 10 cent tubing than the 5 gallons of brew. But it's...
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    Newbie - Mold in siphon line question

    I've done a bit of research already, but I have a very specific question regarding mold and I'm curious what the folks here think. I've brewed a few times now, and clearly I left one of my siphon lines not completely dry. It wasn't until I started my siphon from fermentor to keg that I noticed...