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    OMG, not another brewing water thread

    My head is spinning trying to decide what to do with my well water . Here are my water test results. Straight from the well and after the softener.What is the better water to use ? Or would it be a good idea to use 50/50 well and softened? Which water and any recommended salt additions? Or scrap...
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    Maple Brown Ale recipe

    I made a Maple brown ale from a recipe that I developed for an English Brown ale. It has a very subtle maple flavor, very good flavor. 9 gals. maple sap right from the tree 6 lbs Maris Otter 2 lbs crystal 40L 1 lb Munich light Malt 1/2 lb Carapils 1/2 lb Chocolate Malt 1 Whirfloc...
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    specific gravity too high to bottle?

    I just racked my American Amber to my secondary/ bottling carboy with 4.5 oz of corn sugar (5 gal batch) so I can bottle. I checked the sg when I was half way through ,racking to the carboy and it was at 1.020 down from 1.054. Is this too high to bottle or should I leave it in my secondary...