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    Just Got my Water Report

    Getting back into homebrew and wanting to go all grain. (Mostly extract previously) Curious what people recommend based on my water report. Ward Labs Report: PH 7.6 (in ppm) TDS 539 Sodium 21 Potassium 2 Calcium 103 Magnesium 49 Total Hardness CaCO3 462 Nitrate 2.9...
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    BIAB E-Brewery build

    I want to get my brewing out of the kitchen. I am definitely going BIAB and electric. I think PID makes the most sense. I plan on controlling my March pump manually. I plan on recirculating during mash with thermocouple at kettle exit. Feel free to critique my plans and wiring diagram.
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    Boil Times: Electric vs Propane vs Natural Gas

    Does anyone have decent data about boil times for different heat sources? I have a converted keg and would like to do 10gallons next batch. I'm planning on upgrading from the gas stove. Thinking about going 5500watt electric element, bayou burner or natural gas burner. Does anybody have...
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    First attempt at a sour

    I love all the sours Ive tried, can't get too many locally, so I really want to learn how to brew these. Ive done several extract kits with success. This will be my first BIAB. This weekend I'm brewing an Irish Red, because my wife complains I never brew anything she likes. Using more...
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    First Non-Extract brew

    Looking for some general guidance. Planning on doing BIAB with an Irish Red all-grain kit from MoreBeer. I am planning on doing a sparge by dunking the grain bag in another pot of 170° water. (or should I dump it over the suspended bag) What temp should I mash? How long should I mash...
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    Water Question

    I have brewed several successful extract batches. I'm planning n doing an all-grain BIAB brew this weekend. I know that water choice will matter more compared to extract. I have very hard water, a water softener, and a Reverse - Osmosis (post softener) system. Which of those three should...