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  1. TommyBoy

    Having trouble.

    I have a Love 16C-3 (relay output) and a Honeywell S87B. I thought I was getting the right SSR but I can not get it to work. When I bridge the input connections on the SSR the burner fires up perfectly so I am guessing it is just the SSR. Can someone throw me a bone here? Thanks.
  2. TommyBoy

    South Carolina Brewtree gravity brew system - Carolinas

    I am selling my 3 tier brewing frame. Built it about 7 years ago and based it off Morebeer.com's brew tree. I believe they sold theirs at $900 for the frame alone but I believe the discontinued it because it is not on their website now. In addition to theirs I have full locking castors, and a...
  3. TommyBoy

    Fermenator casters

    Anyone else get the casters for their Fermenator? Mine just came in and I am so pleased that I coughed up the cash for them. It is nice to be able to maneuver the fermenter now.
  4. TommyBoy

    Micromanging Brew Process when there are two of you

    Does anyone have a brew partner that they can not rely on to keep the brew process running smoothly? I took a friend on board this year and boil overs, overshot temps, etc. He is a good friend but man! I was ramping up from 122 to 150 and left him in charge of turning off the burner. Temp...
  5. TommyBoy

    Anyone ever empty a keg through a loose hose?

    Well I did yesterday. Thankfully it was just a plain American ale and not one of my specialty beers. Went to quick carb it for 24 hours and accidently left the beer out jumper on from tasting it and it blew the hose off the barb. Emptied the keg and my CO2 tank while I was at a friend's...
  6. TommyBoy

    Iced Tea Flavor

    I just tapped a pale ale and there is a faint iced tea flavor to it. I actually like this as it is my yard work beer but I am curious as to what might be the cause.
  7. TommyBoy

    What makes an Imperial

    Is it just that the ABV is above it's style range? An American wheat has a style rance of 4.0-7.0. I have a batch that should come out 7.2-7.5. I bought a little extra malt and decided to kick it up a little when brewing. I would like to be correct with it's style when sipping down with...
  8. TommyBoy

    Crazy prechiller idea

    O.k., so what do you guys think about this: I would like to use an old 25' x 1/4" immersion chiller and a 1 gallon cooler to chill my hose water prior to entering the CFC. Now could I put this coil in the cooler with disconnects, fill the cooler with cheap vodka, seal it off with...
  9. TommyBoy

    Mash ratios with a FB

    Does anyone, in addition to figuring out their amount of water per pound of grain, add a set amount of water to compensate for their FB when calculating their mash? Seems logical in a sense... I use about 1.5 to 1.6 depending on if I need to add to hit my temp and obviously when I have a...
  10. TommyBoy

    How many strawberries?

    I would like to use up my strawberries from my garden on a strawberry blonde. How many do I need for a 10 gallon batch? I have about 4lbs now and should get another 4 before the plants are exhausted for the summer. Also, should I put them in cut up or as a puree? Should I put them in at...
  11. TommyBoy

    Second use for tap plugs

    If you use quick disconnects the black plastic tap pugs work great to cover the male connection. I have my rig in the garage and now do not have to worry about bugs getting inside. I think they are only $2 a piece too.
  12. TommyBoy

    Nicest rigs on HBT

    Alright I just have to list my 3 favorite rigs on here. Mine are in no specific order. 1.) Lehr's stainless two tier 2.) Seabee John's level 1 3.) Pol's electric two tier Please chime in with your picks...
  13. TommyBoy

    Equipment on the cheap.

    Thought I would put up a thread where others can list and go to for good pricing on equipment buys. 1/2" copper tubing for chillers and heat exchangers - $34.20/50' FOB seller CopperTubingSales.com :: ICS Indsutries :: Dip Tube O-Rings 9452K172 Pkg 100/$2.24 Post O-Rings 9452K23 Pkg 100/$2.77...
  14. TommyBoy

    How much hops are in a can of LME

    Anyone know how to figure out how cans of LME are hopped? I would like to convert a partial to all grain and there is are two 3.3lbs cans of Muntons and Fisons hopped old ale in the original recipe.
  15. TommyBoy

    Opinion with new recipe

    I don't have Beersmith or ProMash so does anyone see any issues with this? 10 Gallons 20lbs Canadian Malting 2-row 2lbs Carahell 1lb toasted malt (350 degrees, 10min) Mash @ 154 for 60min Mash out @ 170 for 10min 4oz Cascade - 60min 1/2oz Simcoe - 15min 1/2oz Warrior - 15min...
  16. TommyBoy

    Yeast Lifespan

    I know I have read it on here before but can't find the thread. How long can you keep yeast in your fridge? I know that any longer than 2 weeks, you must make a starter but I forget how long it is good with making a starter. 2 months? 3 months? 6 months?
  17. TommyBoy

    Anyone in NE Ohio wanna join me for a brew?

    Anyone interested in teaming up for a 10 gallon batch up in Mentor? I would like to make an IPA but would make whatever if someone has a different interest.
  18. TommyBoy

    Using new O2 unit.

    After having 1 part backordered for 10 weeks I finally received it in the mail earlier this week and got to use my new O2 setup. Here is a pic of it just before hooking up the O2 tank and the H2O. What a comforting feeling having almost no exposure to the wort while infusing O2 and...
  19. TommyBoy

    What to do?

    I have 10 gallons in my Blichman and noticed today that the the part of the bottom dump that goes up into the fermenter is loose. I obviously forgot to tighten it prior to filling. It must just be hand tight and it doesn't leak except for when I was about to drain some settlement after day 1...
  20. TommyBoy

    5 gallon buckets $1.98 at Lowes

    In case anyone needs one...