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    Northern Brewer's Barleywine kit- opinions?

    I brewed a Barley Wine in October. It is Very good now, but it will get even better. This is an all grain(ish) recipe. Wouldn't change a thing. Grains/Exptact 33 lbs Pale Malt (2-row) 2.5 lbs Crystal 80L 3..2 lbs Coopers LME-Light Hops 1oz Kent 5.7AA 60min Pellet 1oz...
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    Gueze beer recipe in BYO

    How do you deal with the added bacteria in your brewing set up. I mean, do you designate specific carboys for plambics? How do you sanitize or clean out your equipment. From what I am told the added bacteria can be tricky to kill. Also, after primary aren't most plambics stored in wood...
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    Summer Shandy

    So the consencus is to mix the lemonaid (or soda) when consuming because of the added sugar in the lemonaid for fear of bottle bombs and messing with the yeast/carbination. I would think that adding lemon peal to the batch would have a simmilar effect as adding orange peal to heffe's. I would...
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    Summer Shandy

    This is a beer (ususaly a lager) mixed with lemonaid or soda. It is particularly refreshing durring a hot summer day after working outside. It is with this in mind that I would like to make one. This is normaly a low alcohol (because of the mixing) beer, but I would like to make my end...
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    but was it cask ale?

    We have a Cask Conditioned ale at my bar. We use a hand-pump beer engine, so it is neither powered Nito or CO2. It is also served at cellar temp, so it is a bit warmer than "normal" brews. Cheers
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    Opening a Brewpub

    I work at a brew pub that has recently expanded its operation to include an Irish Pub, serving the same beers, in the basement. Both hold a bit over 300 patrons. We have four fermenting tanks and 12 10bbl serving tanks. We serve 5 house beers, and three seasonals. Surprise the Irish Pub is...
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    Non Carbonation

    I do the dame thing for all of my beer thus far. I use a bottling bucket, add my sugar water, then the wort, then bottle. So even carbonation should be reached. Can't think of anything I would have done differently. Cheers
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    Non Carbonation

    So I made a Wee Heavy Scotch ale last at the end of last summer. It landed about 8.5%. I bottled into some 12oz, some 22oz, and some 8oz. The first 12oz bottle I opened had the correct carbonation, but it was still young. I gave a 22 to a brew buddy of mine, a few months ago, and she said it...
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    Ignorant Drinkers

    I am more than willing to sell anybody (within legal limits) any beer I have. That being said, I am also trying to sell the beer we make. The frustrating part is when I sugest and offer a sample of one of our beers. I have had the guest turn their nose up at my offer and tell me that "craft...
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    Ignorant Drinkers

    OK so I bartend at an Irish Pub that is a bit of an extention for a brew pub. We serve 6 House beers (light ale, Pale Ale, Nitrogen Red, Porter, Stout, Irish Lager) and one seasonal. We also carry common commercial beers as well as some better bottle beers (Schnider Wisse, Aventinus, Frauch)...
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    River Brew question

    I would think that if you do bring the river water to a boil for the 60 min. you should be fine. There are live creatures that live in natural water, and that is what the clorine is killing. But if you feel comfortable drinking the water and it tastes good to you and does not make you sick...
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    Black and Tan's

    From what I understand the nitrogen makes it a bit easier to obtain sepperation, but another factor contributing to the sepperation is the differing specific gravity. In Northern Michigan we have created a drink called an Eclipse. This is a Bell's Oberon (a summer wheat beer) and Guinness...
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    Brewing my first from scratch recipe this weekend

    The Hefe charictoristics come from the yeast strain that you will choose. You might pick up some citus/bananna flavors that would be masked by dry hopping or even over hopping. My question, and I have asked this about my Aventinus recipe, do you think that you need to ass the irish moss? It...
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    Dogfish Head 90 Clone Help

    The "L" in your amber malt is not refering to Liquid. It is refering to the Lovbond scale. The Lovibond scale is a system used to describe the color intenaity of beer. At 35L you should be reciving some nice color. But if I have used Amber DME when making my IPA. But it just depends on the...
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    Aventinus Doppelbock Clone

    Would you use the Irish Moss? I was thinking that Aventinus, being a darker Hefe type, would not need the Irish Moss. I have some, and can certanly use it, but I was not thinking I would. What are your thoughts. I did get the kit from Austin, but I could not find out the recipe till I got...
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    Aventinus Doppelbock Clone

    So I purchased a Mini-Mash Aventinus Clone kit from a respected online company. They sent me: 9oz Crystal 40L 1oz Chocolate Malt 1/4 lb Melanoidin 1 1/4 lb Geman Wheat 1/2 lb Munich Malt 1 1/4 German Pilsner (All Grain Pre-Mixed and Pre-Crushed) 8 1/2 lbs Liquid Wheat Extract 1 1/2...
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    What's your guilty pleasure commercial...

    You know, Beer is good. I have tasted some of the best beers, and enjoy continuing to taste great beer. But I do like to give my taste buds a rest and "slum" it with some Busch or PBR. You have to remeber that everybodys tastes are different and that beer like Miller Lt keeps winning awards...
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    Traverse City Brewers

    Hello All! I am looking for like minded brewers in the area to possibly come together and work on a brew. I have an Aventinus Clone brew planed, and was going to teach a few people from work, but would like to brew with others who know what they are doing, or have interest in learning. I have...
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    Probe Thermometer

    I am looking to find a good probe thermometer to give me constant tempreture readings through the boil. What should I look for? What do you like? Any recomendations? Thanks in Advance Matt
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    Weizenbock Weizenbock

    Want to make this beer, but how will kegging it change the conditioning time? Don't want to rush things, but would like to show this off in a few months if possible. If bottleing is the better option, please let me know.