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    Have Beertools Pro, switch to Beersmith 2?

    Hello. It has been a while since I've posted here, and, sadly, a while since I've actually brewed. I have had Beertools Pro since they first released their software, and it's not necessarily bad, but I see most activity (as far as brewing software goes) about Beersmith on these forums. Would...
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    When to bottle?

    My raspberry brett stout will be six weeks old on saturday and it has been at 1.020 for about three weeks now. (Down from 1.061) Note that about nine points of the remaining gravity come from lactose. I was thinking about giving it another two weeks in secondary, then priming with corn sugar and...
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    Brewing a 100% brett brux cherry stout on 26 March 2011

    Hi All, I have never brewed a brett beer before, so I thought it was time to try it, since brett beers are some of my favorites. This coming Saturday, I thought I would brew a cherry stout and ferment it with brettanomyces bruxellensis. This is what it will look like: 7 lb pils 1.5 lb...
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    Equipment and Sanitation for filtering...

    This coming week, I'm about to try filtering a beer for the first time. We used pellet hops, and I want to be sure to clear out most of the crud before dry hopping. I plan on siphoning the beer from its fermentor into a corny keg. I assume I need a ball lock with a barb, and a hose to connect...
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    Help me with an English Barleywine

    If you were going to brew an English Barleywine, what grains would you use? Let's say you were trying to make something akin to J W Lee's harvest ale. What would you do to give it over-the-top maltiness and that great raisin/toffee/caramel flavor?
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    Trying to perfect an english barleywine!

    Hey all, It has been a while since I last posted, but I have not given up on brewing at all. So far, my best beer has been a slight approximation of an English barleywine. My friend and I had originally intended to brew an ESB, but I bought a lot of extra Maris Otter pale malt, and we decided...
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    Very hard to get info from DFH Brewery!

    Hey All, I'm working up a recipe that clones or at least approximates DFH 90 Minute IPA. I have read a couple of recipes online, and took into consideration the types of hops that they say they use (on the six-pack container). So I've been calling them, trying to talk to brewers, but it's...
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    Rye woes!

    Hey Everybody, Well, today I made a roggenbier. I had it all planned out: 6 lbs maris otter 2 lbs brown malt 2 lbs flaked rye 1 lb raw rye 1/2 lb rice hulls 1 oz hallertau @ 45 Mash at 150 for 90 minutes, 1.5 gallon thick decoction at the end to get more color and flavor, and to get it all...
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    What went wrong? FG too high!

    About 4 weeks ago, a friend and I attempted to brew a Duvel clone. Some of you may remember when I posted about it. We circulated while mashing, and our schedule was like this: 1.25 qt/lb 60 minutes @ 140 30 minutes @ 150 Mashout @ 170 The starting gravity was a little high at 1.090. We used...
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    Finishing a 1.090 barleywine

    About a week and 3 days ago, we brewed an english barleywine that started at 1.090. We used White Labs London Dry ale yeast, and now it's down to 1.030. We have 7 more points until 75% attenuation is reached, but the bubbling is down to about 1 per 15-20 seconds through the airlock. I was...
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    Man, Danstar Nottingham is FAST!!!

    I'm getting ready for my third all-grain in three weeks, since I've kicked both of my kegs and the fermenting batches are all big beers and won't be ready for another month. I will be using Danstar Nottingham yeast, and I decided to create a big starter to help my beer ferment as quickly as...
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    Would you call this an "English Barleywine"?

    This past saturday, a friend and I brewed the following beer: Size: 5.41 gal Original Gravity: 1.090 Color: 18.0 Bitterness: 72.2 Ingredients: 15 lbs Maris Otter Pale 3.0 lbs Belgian Biscuit 2.0 lbs Crystal Malt 40°L 1.0 oz Northern Brewer (8.0%) - added during boil, boiled 60.0 min 1.0...
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    How to determine starter gravity?

    Tonight I will be making a starter for this weekend's batch, and I was wondering how I should determine the amount of malt to achieve 1.050 for the starter. Or to put it another way, how much water should I add to 1 pound of dry malt extract to achieve a starter with a gravity of 1.050...
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    Brew day - brewing a duvel clone! (pics attached)

    Hey Everybody! Some of you might've seen a couple of my threads concering different aspects of culturing duvel yeast and getting the most out of our saccarification rests. Well, we brewed yesterday, and I thought we'd share some highlights regarding this very successful session! The culture...
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    reclaiming duvel yeast from the bottle - why so slow?

    In our efforts to produce a duvel clone, a friend has created a starter in which he used the yeast from three duvel bottles. It is showing a litlte activity - some foam and some bubbles in the starter wort. But it seems to be going quite slow. Should we attribute this to the (lack of)...
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    which is better? undermodified or fully modified pils malt?

    Some of you may have seen my other thread asking about mash steps. If I'm using a fairly complex mash schedule, which would be better? Fully modified pils or under modified pils? My rests will include beta gluconase, protease, beta amylase, and alpha amylase.
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    Please help with complex mash schedule

    Hey all, I'm trying to come up with a complex mash schedule for a strong golden ale. I haven't really read too much that coached me on the proper times for each step. I found plenty describing the temperature at each rest, but not much concerning time. So far I have: Beta Glucanase Rest -...
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    How do you feel about corn/maize as an adjunct?

    I was wondering if I'm one of the only people who hate corn in a beer. I associate the taste with all of the cheap american light lagers, like Coors, Budweiser, and Miller. I come from Pennsylvania, and I tread dangerous ground when I talk about how bad Yuengling Lager is with its high content...
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    Wort circulation question

    For the people who use RIMS or HERMS, how do you return the circulated wort to the top of the mash? I'd imagine that you would want as little disturbance of the top of the grainbed as possible. So this brings to mind a sparge arm, or one of the variations of it. But since bits of starch and...
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    what's a good circulating pump?

    Anybody have a recommendation for a circulation pump that withstands temperatures of up to 200 degrees, or somewhere around there?