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    Summer Shandy

    This is a beer (ususaly a lager) mixed with lemonaid or soda. It is particularly refreshing durring a hot summer day after working outside. It is with this in mind that I would like to make one. This is normaly a low alcohol (because of the mixing) beer, but I would like to make my end...
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    Non Carbonation

    So I made a Wee Heavy Scotch ale last at the end of last summer. It landed about 8.5%. I bottled into some 12oz, some 22oz, and some 8oz. The first 12oz bottle I opened had the correct carbonation, but it was still young. I gave a 22 to a brew buddy of mine, a few months ago, and she said it...
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    Ignorant Drinkers

    OK so I bartend at an Irish Pub that is a bit of an extention for a brew pub. We serve 6 House beers (light ale, Pale Ale, Nitrogen Red, Porter, Stout, Irish Lager) and one seasonal. We also carry common commercial beers as well as some better bottle beers (Schnider Wisse, Aventinus, Frauch)...
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    Aventinus Doppelbock Clone

    So I purchased a Mini-Mash Aventinus Clone kit from a respected online company. They sent me: 9oz Crystal 40L 1oz Chocolate Malt 1/4 lb Melanoidin 1 1/4 lb Geman Wheat 1/2 lb Munich Malt 1 1/4 German Pilsner (All Grain Pre-Mixed and Pre-Crushed) 8 1/2 lbs Liquid Wheat Extract 1 1/2...
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    Traverse City Brewers

    Hello All! I am looking for like minded brewers in the area to possibly come together and work on a brew. I have an Aventinus Clone brew planed, and was going to teach a few people from work, but would like to brew with others who know what they are doing, or have interest in learning. I have...
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    Probe Thermometer

    I am looking to find a good probe thermometer to give me constant tempreture readings through the boil. What should I look for? What do you like? Any recomendations? Thanks in Advance Matt
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    Carboy protector

    So I have heard horror stories about broken glass carboys, and a lot of you have the scares to show for it. I don't know if I have found the solution, but this is something that I have come up with. I was in my local hardware store looking for some laquor (to protect some labels) and found...
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    Tribute Ale

    Good Day All! My Grandfather passed on last night. He was 83 and spent his career in the military (Navy Man). He had worked his way up from enlisted to a Comander. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor, served in Korea, Vietnam, & WW2. He was a Texas Man and was very proud of that. He was a...
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    4th Batch

    Just finished brewing my 4th beer. I decided to try a Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, with the hopes it will be in its prime around January or Febuary. I added ingrediants to a Scotch Ale Kit from Coopers. It should end up to be a 12% brew. I have bought some 7oz Coronita's (small corona's) to use to...
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    8oz bottles

    I am thinking of doing a Wee Heavy or fortified scotch ale:drunk: . Because of the higher Alcohol content (an some not appreciating the beer) I was thinking of using a few smaller bottles. I am thinking of trying to find the equivelant of the Coronita bottles (small Corona's) possibly in...
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    What yeast should I use?

    I am planning to so a fortified Single Malt Scotch Ale, and am wondering what yeast I should use? I like to use liquid yeasts from White Labs. Any sugestions? I am going to add the Single Malt Scotch to the secondary before bottleing to taste unless anyone has any other ideas. Let me know...
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    Thank you

    I am a beginner Brewer and have posted a few times. But I have been an avid reader of this site. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of those more knolegable than I. I have enjoyed the information, and am looking forward to further communications. What a rewarding hobby we have...
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    Fortified Beer?

    I am looking at the possibility of adding some whiskey or scotch into a future brew. Does anyone have any recipies or recomendations? My thought is making a "Single Malt Scotch" Ale, but any help would be wonderful. Cheers
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    Vanilla Beer?

    I have read a lot about adding flavor variations such as orange peels or hot peppers into beers (both of which I have enjoyed) but what would adding something like Vanilla beans or Vanilla extract do to the beer? Would the sugars be eaten and therfor neglegated? When would I add such a thing...
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    Secondary fementation

    I am using a 5 gal. glass carboy as my secondary fermentor. I know that air is bad at this point in the process, but should I fill the carboy with water? I could add a quart or two.