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    question about co2 Regulators

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I have been active here. Some health issues have kept me from brewing. Anyway, I have race weekend and my birthday coming up this weekend, so I have a need! I want to treat myself to buying a keg for my birthday. I have some of my old kegging equipment...
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    12 Pin-Lock Corny Kegs- Carolinas

    4 to 46037?
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    5 gallon cornie kegs Refurbished

    Oh snap. Sorry, I didn't think people really bought android.
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    5 gallon cornie kegs Refurbished

    Click on the OP's avatar photo - it'll tell you location even on mobile.
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    False Bottom and Dip Tube

    I'll take it. Please pm me the payment details.
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    Show us a pic of your beer

    First apa all grain
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    Danby Kegerator - Indy area - pick up only

    This one will hold 2 ball locks, but I don't think it will hold 2 pin locks. The 2 ball locks fit with just enough clearance with very little extra room.
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    Danby Kegerator - Indy area - pick up only

    $225 now
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    Danby Kegerator - Indy area - pick up only

    $250 now
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    Danby Kegerator - Indy area - pick up only

    $275 now
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    Danby Kegerator - Indy area - pick up only

    *** SOLD *** I have a Danby Model DKC445BL kegerator for sale in Fishers, IN. I have owned the unit for about 6 months. I have recently upgraded and it's time for someone else to own this gem. Not sure of the age (I'm the 2nd owner), and the tag doesn't show a manufacture date. It will hold...
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    50' 1/2" copper wort chiller

    I know, I'm a total DIYer. Just about everything is made by me. (Un)fortunately, we just purchased a new home and the honey-do list is ridiculous. I just don't have the time to put one together. In addition, I can see myself kinking a $60 - $70 roll of copper. I'm just leaving this one to...
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    WTT Pin Lock Cornelius Kegs for Ball Lock kegs ** INDIANAPOLIS **

    Let's see if there is any more interest....
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    Did my 1st 10 gallon All grain yesterday

    Did a Scott's Pale Ale that is all cascaid hops. Used my keggle for the brew and everything went great. Love the idea of setting up 2 primaries with 2 different yeasts. I went with Wyeast American Ale and the Wyeast Northwest Ale. OG was 1.050 (expected) and was pretty seemless. It did take...
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    50' 1/2" copper wort chiller

    I pulled the trigger and bought myself one. Happy Birthday to me! http://www.ebay.com/itm/290457502092?_trksid=p5197.c0.m619 $109 shipped. I think this should work well now that I'm doing 10 gallon batches. Anyone ever purchase anything from NY Brew Supply?
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    Great improvement in efficiency.

    Great example, I would have to assume the same.
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    Madison WI. - Here's what's left (all-grain, coolers, carboys, starters, oh my!)

    How much for shipping to 46037 for the immersion chiller?
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    Trade a Blichmann 10g for a 15g

    Looks like Baltimore.