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    Bottom of Bottle Yeast for a clone?

    I'm making a wheat clone and the recipe calls for the yeast to be the bottom 1/2 inch of 6 bottles of the beer I'm trying to clone. I haven't heard of this before (I am a pretty new homebrewer though). Has anyone done this before? Is this common? Anything that I should be aware of to...
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    Secondary Fermenter Questions

    I'm on an IPA (OG 1.055) and it's been in the secondary for 2 weeks now. A couple of questions. 1. I'm on my second brew. The first was a red ale (OG 1.037) and it settled very nicely, with no residue on top or floating. The IPA has numerous "flakes" floating near the top. They really...
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    Can I fix low carbonation?

    Hello, I have bottled a batch of Red. My buddy took 1/2 and stored it at his house without a basement. The temperature is probably high 60s low 70s and it was kept in a room with a furnace. Mine was kept in a basement that have an average temp of 63 degrees. My bottles are much flatter...
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    Secondary Fermenter Questions

    Hello, I'm still on my first batch (Red Ale) but decided after some more research to use a secondary fermenter after the initial brew. I bought a 5 gallon plastic carboy and moved the beer from the primary fermenter to it after about 5 days. When I move it with the siphon, I probably left...
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    First Brew questions

    Hello, I had my first brew last night. Overall it went pretty good. It was a red ale kit with crystal specialty grains, Liquid and Dry Malt Extract, and willamette bittering and finishing hops. The OG seemed to be right in range at 1.042. But, I had a couple of learnings to take away...