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    Effect of lactic acid on refractometer readings?

    I made a lacto (Wyeast 5335) starter over the weekend for a Berliner brew and checked it's progress last night. pH had dropped from ~8 (tap water is ~9) to 3.6, but gravity as read by my refractometer had only dropped from 1.041 to 1.038. I'm pretty sure the 1.038 reading is meaningless due...
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    Top freezer fridge control

    So I've received an old top freezer fridge for free that I plan to use for fermentation. I had hoped to be able to maintain freezing temps in the freezer while fermenting in the bottom by hacking the controls for it. I've got it all torn apart and discovered the control system for blowing cold...
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    GFCI keeps tripping

    I'm using a GFCI outlet on my keezer that is controlled by a Love controller. It is mounted to the collar as is the Love and so all the wiring is on the inside. All the connections are covered in liquid electrical tape except the ones on the controller itself. The GFCI has been tripping...
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    O-ring size for 1/4" NPT nipple?

    Can't seem to figure it out googling. Anyone got the dash number?
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    Brauler lid pressurizing?

    Anybody built a keg post into a brauler lid? I'd guess you'd probably want a pressure relief on there too.
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    Kegging disaster last night...need advice

    So I went to dry hop a pale ale last night. Purged the keg and then tried to pull the lid off. Some foam was coming out but the lid wouldn't come off. I pushed down really hard and then finally...BAM! Beersplosion. Walls, ceiling, face, everywhere. Beersplosion is followed by beercano. Lost...
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    Motorize grain mill will a drill?

    I see everyone that motorizes their grain mills go out and source a motor and pulleys and belts. Has anyone just taken a cheap Harbor freight drill, yanked the business end out of it and just used that directly? Seems kind of obvious since a lot of people use their drill to drive their mills...
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    Boil Kettle false bottom

    I'm going to be migrating my vessels slowly over to bottom drain keggles soon and was wondering about the benefits of a false bottom in the boil kettle. What effectiveness would it have filtering out hops? Any other reason to have one?
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    Definitive CIP pump thread

    Been reading a lot about CIP balls and pumps and there doesn't seem to be any consensus around a pump that will do the job for a reasonable price. So...post which pump you are using, where you got it, and what you paid for it. Let's find the best value pump for the job.
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    Fridge question

    This is not homebrew related, but I think you guys know a lot about fridges, so I thought I'd ask. My home fridge is an over-under unit with the freezer on the top. I've noticed in the past couple weeks that the outside of the freezer is getting hot to the touch. I hit it with my IR...
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    Wire voltage rating?

    I was just stealing some wire from a power adapter. The cable with two wires was rated at 300V, but the wires I've yanked out of there don't have anything printed on them. Does the additional insulation provided by the cable jacket make the difference here, or should I be safe using these wires...
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    Love TS2 Mounting in collar??

    I've searched all around but haven't found any info on how people are securing their Love controllers to the collar. The little plastic clips that mine came with only allow for a very thin panel thickness, and I've got 3/4" wood. How has everyone secured them that mounts them directly to the collar?
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    Anyone have a CAD model of GE 7.0 chest freezer?

    Or know where one is? Starting to design my keezer and I like to do things like this in CAD. I'm running Pro/E so neutral format like STEP or IGES is good. Cheers!
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    I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but...

    I wanted to discuss the merits of connecting a spa panel GFI to a 3-wire dryer outlet vs. having a 4-wire outlet installed. I know that the connection to the 3-wire outlet is safe, but I've had an electrician quote $275 to add a new breaker and line and don't really know if it's worth it. Seems...
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    Modifying a fridge

    I have Kenmore 16.7cu ft. upright freezerless fridge that I keep at 55C for beer cellaring (all commercial brews). Unfortunately the included shelving causes a lot of wasted space since it's not really adjustable. The wasted space is enough for another full shelf tall enough for bombers. Which...
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    pH meter

    I'm in the market for a good pH meter and have been searching around. Found what appears to be an awesome choice from Omega today and wanted to post it and get some thoughts on it. It appears it could be the best model around for brewing, when price is considered. Here are the specs...
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    New Stainless QD's from Bargain Fittings?

    I recently noticed BF is now selling Stainless QD's where they previously just had the chromed brass version. Does anyone have any feedback on these? Good quality? Easy to use? I was previously planning on getting the MoreBeer stainless QD's, but these are a good bit cheaper, so if they are...
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    Opening a carbed keg?

    If I open a keg for a very short amount of time (2-5s) to add some lactic acid how much carbonation do I stand to lose? Or more specifically, how much time back on pressure would I need to make it back up? Obviously you'd want to do this as cold as possible to help, so maybe right at 32 degrees?
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    Help! Can't seal element to cooler

    I have tried every which way I can think of to get my heating element to not leak when installed in the bottom of my 10gal Rubbermaid cooler to no avail. I've used the included gasket, and I've used silicone o-rings both inside and outside the cooler. I've also added silicone caulk, but perhaps...
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    How I grounded my heating element

    Hadn't seen anyone else trying something like this, so I thought I'd show you guys. I cut a piece of copper sheet into a "T" shape, drilled a hole in the long part, soldered the wide part to a SS washer, then I bent up the long part and screwed down a spade terminal. Works great! As a...