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  1. nilswhite

    California Stir Plate

    Stir Plate + 3 stir bars (trust me they can be easily lost) $60 shipped!
  2. nilswhite

    California Stir Plate / Temp Control

    1 - Ranco Dual Temp Control 1 - Stir Plate 3 - Stir Bars 1 - 2000 ml Erlenmeyer flask $220 Shipped
  3. nilswhite

    California Ranco Digital Two-Stage Temperature Controller

    Ranco Digital Two-Stage Temperature Controller $110 shipped email me if interested [email protected]
  4. nilswhite

    California Complete MEAD Kit....Willing to split up

    This is my complete mead kit, just don't have time or money for it anymore. Love to sell it as a package, but probably wont happen. I'm in Los Angeles, CA WHO EVER WANTS THE MOST ITEMS WILL GET PRIORITY -Chest Freezer ($100) -Ranco Dual Temperature control ($100) -Four 6.5 gallon carboys...
  5. nilswhite

    FS: 3 brand new 32 tip natural gas burners

    3 brand new 32 tip natural gas burners. Bought them 2 weeks ago and ended up going propane. Never even hooked them up. All 3 for $160 shipped Or pick it up in San Diego Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  6. nilswhite

    WTT: All Grain Equipment For Your Ice Hockey Equipment

    Not sure if there are too many ice hockey players on here, but i'm looking to getting some new used gear for ice hockey. I'm retiring from brewing, cause its too time consuming and expensive...id rather just keep playing hockey. anyways got a bunch of All Grain equipment. its worth a shot PS...
  7. nilswhite

    Simcoe, but not so Simcoe IPA

    Size: 5.75 gal Original Gravity: 1.066 (1.000 - 1.100) Terminal Gravity: 1.017 (1.000 - 1.100) Color: 8.98 (0.0 - 50.0) Alcohol: 6.54% (0.0% - 10.0%) Bitterness: 142.4 (0.0 - 50.0) Ingredients: 8.0 lb 2-Row Brewers Malt 5.5 lb Pilsner Malt 1.25 lb Crystal 15 .75 lb...
  8. nilswhite

    4 Tap SS Perlick Kegerator-----Los Angeles

    Kegerator For Sale: $700 Pick-up only. I'm in Los Angeles area. Kegerator includes: -4 Stainless steel Perlick Faucets. They are only 4 weeks old. Basically brand new. -stainless steel drip tray. -3 cornelius kegs -5lb CO2 tank -regulator -gas lines -2 two-way gas distributor...
  9. nilswhite

    FS: Olhausen Pool Table (Los Angeles Area)

    Not sure if I'm allowed to post non-brewing items in the classified, but I thought it'd be perfect for someones man-cave or garage. I'm moving and there is no way I'll be able to fit this into my new place. For Sale: Olhausen Pool Table $300 or trade for brewing stuff. Or half and half...
  10. nilswhite

    Sierra Nevada Hoodie

    For Sale is Sierra Nevada Black Hoodie (XL). It fits more like a large, so take that into consideration. If your over 6'2 like I am, then this sweater will be small on you. Bought it two months ago, but only wore it twice. Its basically brand new. $20 shipped
  11. nilswhite

    Wanted: 3 Floyds/Surly Brews for Southern California Brews

    Looking for Surly or 3 Floyds beers in trade for San Diego/ West Coast beers... Have access to: Stone Green Flash Pizza Port Russian River Lost Abbey Rogue Ballast Point Lagunitas Bear Republic Alesmith
  12. nilswhite

    No hop aroma and acidic/astringent taste...Help for future batches!!!

    So I kegged my beer last night, and i took a couple samples early this morning and there was no hop aroma and it had a acidic/astringent taste. Has a sharp note on the tongue but mellows out if I let the glass sit for 10 minutes, but still has a sharp bitterness. What baffles me is when I...