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    Stuck Ferment, tried everything

    They described the essential oils as ones they add to the hive to keep the sugar from fermenting. I'd never heard of such a thing previously, but I'm really thinking this is the culprit. Initially, I used D-47. After a couple months of it being stuck, I tried EC-1118 in a small starter of must...
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    Stuck Ferment, tried everything

    Hey Guys, So about a year ago, a local bee keepers association donated us 20 pounds of honey to make a mead with. I threw it together like usual, did my usual rehydration w/ go ferm and did staggered nutrient additions. After giving the mead a couple months, the gravity had only gone from 1.140...
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    Stuck Ferment

    Hi Everyone, Been a long time home brewer and just started trying out some meads. Did a couple that turned out very well, but this most recent batch will not ferment past 1.100. Original Gravity was 1.144 and I pitched yeast back on 10/1. I admit, it has been somewhat neglected and it probably...
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    Munich malt based ale recipes?

    I'm showing an expected color of ~12 SRM using 100% German Munich Light, according to Brewer's Friend. BJCP says the style can range from 7-19 SRM. Munich based stout would be nice too.
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    Munich malt based ale recipes?

    American Strong Ale with 100% Munich is something I was actually thinking of brewing within the next couple months. 100% Munich malt, and then hop it up with the classic C hops like Cascade, Centennial and Columbus. My plan is to ferment it with WY1007.
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    What are you drinking now?

    Devil's Conclave by 18th Street Brewery. It's very good. Double milk stout w/ cocoa nibs, cinnamon and sea salt. Extremely flavorful and great mouthfeel.
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    Issue with Wyeast?

    I've experienced sulfur before, but not to this extent. I know it dissipates with age. Never had a starter smell so pungently of sulfur like this one did. The beer is smelling quite nice right now 3 days after pitching so I'm not so worried anymore. It was just the culmination of a few reports...
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    Issue with Wyeast?

    I agree that the poor storage/conditions is happening somewhere during transit. Our fridge we store the yeast in is in good condition and have never had an issue before with it. And no, the packs in question did not swell when activated.
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    Danstar London ESB Dry Ale Yeast - Anyone use it yet?

    I posted a few weeks back about my experience with this yeast. Thought I'd follow up on this. After about 3 weeks in secondary (bottled 2 weeks ago), the beer is almost brilliantly clear. Gravity also dropped from 1.014 to 1.012 while in secondary. The beer tastes quite good. Just as good, if...
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    Issue with Wyeast?

    Hi HBT, I work at a LHBS and I've been running into some issues with Wyeast yeast. Looking to see if anyone else has any similar experiences lately. We sold a few WY1099 Whitbread Ale yeasts a couple weeks back and had everyone that bought and pitched the yeasts come back within a few days...
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    Going to Eugene, OR in December. What should I check out?

    Come on HBT, there's gotta be someone out there with a good recommendation for a Eugene, OR bottle shop!
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    Danstar London ESB Dry Ale Yeast - Anyone use it yet?

    I brewed a Brown ale 3 weeks ago and chose to give this yeast a shot. I left it in the primary fermenter for 3 weeks exactly and went to bottle it today, assuming it was ready to bottle. Pulled a small sample to check gravity before racking to the bottling bucket and found an extremely cloudy...
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    time to play the "can you name this style by the pictures" game.

    Almanac Farmers Reserve Blueberry
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    Going to Eugene, OR in December. What should I check out?

    Sorry, should have mentioned I will most likely be Ubering around and not looking to head too far out of Eugene.
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    Going to Eugene, OR in December. What should I check out?

    Hey HBT, Going to be visiting family in Eugene, OR over New Years and I've never been. Wondering what I should check out. Only bottles I know I want to be able to track down to bring home at this point would be anything from De Garde. I hear great things about them. I know they're in...
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    What's your favorite Aromatic malt?

    So I work at a LHBS and I'm trying to decide which Aromatic malt we want to have as a default. We've been pretty happy with Castle for a while. Simpson's is very nice as well. I have some Dingeman's Aromatic on the way just to smell/taste the difference. I know a lot of people tend to gravitate...
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    Gose vs Berliner Weisse - Which to brew / suggestions?

    I recommend Omega Yeast Labs Lactobacillus blend. It's a beast and can easily sour your wort at lower temps like 70-90F. Works well every time I've used it. As for the recipe, 50/50 pilsner and wheat is an easy, go-to grain bill for beers like this. If you do use the Omega Lacto, be sure to not...
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    last minute opinions on this West meets East IPA?

    I like it. Nice hop choices. I'm willing to bet that Conan will finish a bit lower than 1.018, assuming you oxygenate and pitch the proper amount of yeast.
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    First Berliner

    With your low starting gravity, I'm thinking US-05 might get below 1.010. I've had Nottingham get me down to 1.008 for a low OG Blonde before. I've spoken to Lance at Omega about his Lacto blend multiple times and he always stresses the use of NO HOPS before the Lactobacillus blend is added...