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    First Class

    Hey everybody. I'm here asking a little advice. My daughter's daycare does a fund-raising benefit / auction once a year where the parents donate a product or service for other parents to bid on. This year, I donated one homebrewing lesson. I'm providing ingredients, instruction / advice...
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    3-tier all-grain system. No welding.

    I've gotten a few requests for info about my all-grain system (dimensions, materials, etc...) so I decided to put it all in a blog post once and for all... If you're interested in building a simple 3-tier, single-infusion, semi-portable, all-grain brewing sculpture without welding and maybe need...
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    First batch...lost some must, when to taste?

    Ok, I just made my first batch of mead. I used 12lbs of "tropical blossom" honey in 2 gal of water. I heated it to 140 and kept it there for 20 min (I know, there's debate about heating). Then I poured the must into (what I thought was) 2 gallons of water. Turned out to be a little more, and I...
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    Green Brewing techniques?

    There are those who think all this earth-friendly stuff is a load of hooey and the earth's resources are infinite. That's fine. But for the rest of us; Are you doing anything to make your brewing more green? Maybe using your cooling runoff to water the garden... or composting spent grain...
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    Therminator.... good lord!!

    My brewing buddy just bought a Therminator to add to our setup... It's maiden voyage was 5 gallons of Yam Pie Holliday Ale. All I have to say is: HOLY CRAP!! Why didn't we buy one sooner! It cooled 5 gallons of boiling wort to 62 degrees in about two minutes!! Definitely one of the best...
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    Spent Grain

    Ok, I just moved up to 10 gallon batches, and am brewing more often than in the past. Until now, I've just put my spent grain into the compost bin. But now, my compost bin is full (about 80% with barley). It's more of a barley-rot bin than anything else at the moment. Recycling is big here, so...
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    PET bottles???

    Does anybody know anything about the "Better Bottle"?? They're advertised as being better than a carboy because they're made of PET plastic. Well, so are most soda bottles, and water-cooler jugs. In fact, the "Better Bottles" that I've seen look suspiciously like water-cooler jugs with a...
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    I'm getting married in July. The wedding is going to be at a brewery, and for wedding favors, we're giving out 22oz bottles of homebrew (yeah, she's the girl for me!). I'm brewing a test batch of my I(do)PA today... Here's the recipe (10 gal): Malt: 22lb American 2-row 2lb Xtal 40L...
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    Anybody use software?

    So I'm thinking of coming up with a software program as a portfolio project / time killer, and I'd like to make it have something to do with homebrewing. It'll be freeware of course as I'm a student and in no position to charge for my little projects. There are already three or four popular...