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  1. J

    Using an Urn as a boiler

    Has anyone had any experience using an electric hot water urn as a boiler. I can get a 30 litre stainless urn with a 2400 watt element. I found this idea on another site and it can apparently keep a rolling boil going. This is similar to a device you guys in the states have called an...
  2. J

    Pale Malt Extract Colour

    Has anyone ever had trouble with their beer coming out too dark when using pale liquid malt extract. I just bottled my latest batch and was aiming for a light yellow colour of around 5 SRM. I used 75% pale malt extract and about 25% of corn sugar to lighten the colour without sacrificing...
  3. J

    Home Toasting Malt

    Has anyone ever tried home toasting malt to make dark grain? I've read Byron Burch's book and plan to give it a go, but wondered if it is worthwhile, or just better to buy it. 'spose there's only one way to find out...try. JEM
  4. J

    Fermenting Fridge

    I just upgraded my brewery to include a refrigerator for fermenting. I live in a hot part of Australia and get bad results during the summer because the yeast gets too hot. I've tried all sorts of simple methods of cooling the fermenter, but when its over 30 celcius inside the house for most...
  5. J

    Skimming the Krausen

    I've read that it is a good idea to skim the patches of gunk off the top of the krausen during primary fermentation as these can give off flavours. I've also read that you shouldn't do this as you upset the CO2 layer and might also introduce an infection. I'm interested to hear what others do?
  6. J

    Beer Drinking Culture

    Here is a thread about different pub culture. Unfortunately some of these traditions are dying out, but in some small country towns, you still see them. In some states in Australia if you place your empty glass right way up on the bar, you'll get a re-fill, when you are finished drinking...
  7. J

    Stainless Steel Fermenter

    Thought I'd try fermenting in stainless steel, instead of plastic for a change, to see if there is any difference in flavour. I decided to use my mashing pot as a fermenter. It is a large stainless steel pot and I have a 3/8 ball valve in the bottom. I use a galvanised steel washer on the...